Derek Chisora May Be Ready For World Stage After Knocking Out Sam Sexton Again

Tyler CurtisAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 15:  Derek Chisora celebrates beating Danny Williams for The British Heavyweight Championship at Boleyn Ground on May 15, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)
Warren Little/Getty Images

Derek Chisora knocked out Sam Sexton for the second time tonight and claimed the Commonwealth Heavyweight title. He also holds the British Heavyweight champion.

If you are looking for a young heavyweight to keep an eye on, he may be the one. He still has a lot of work to do but he has caught my eye and has looked good as of late.

At the British level he seems to be the man. The only other fighter that may give him any issues is Tyson Fury and at this point I would favor Chisora.

Today, he went past the eight round for the first time and looked good in doing so. He looked tired and it appeared Sexton may outlast him but he wouldn’t let it happen.

He looked very light on his feet and throws every shot with bad intentions. The biggest eye-opener of today was his footwork and how light he was on his feet.

He out boxed Sexton and that was a new wrinkle in his game. Everyone knew he could bang but he showed himself to be a boxer tonight.

He likes to put pressure on his opponents and when you knows that your hurt you is going to put you away. He is a very strong and thick heavyweight that looks the part.

He isn’t very tall at only 6’1 1/2", and if anything is going to hold him back it will be that. He usually comes in at about 244 pounds, so he is by no means a small man.

He picks up his second win over Sexton and is the only man to beat him at this point in his career. Sexton looked like he had some promise but didn’t do enough in the early rounds.

It appeared he was trying to outlast Chisora, but that wasn’t going to work tonight. With some regrouping and a new game plan he could still be a factor on the domestic level at the very least.

It was a good scrap overall and Chisora threw a lot of punches. It will be interesting to see the final punch stats number as he threw a ton of punches early before slowing down.

Chisora could finish off the domestic scene, and test himself against a bigger man, by fighting Tyson Fury or just move onto the world stage.

A fight with Chris Arreola would be one hell of a fight. Think Arreola against Adamek but with both men being able to land a knockout punch at any moment.

A fight against a Fres Oquendo, Hasim Rahman, or Robert Helenius would be interesting as well. The first two names are familiar to American fans but the last one may not be.

Helenius is a 26 year old that is undefeated at 13-0 (8 KO) that is making waves overseas. He is a massive man at 6’6 ½ and is shooting up the ranks with good wins.

He has wins over Lamon Brewster, Scott Gammer, and Taras Bydenko. He actually has better wins then Chisora but is much more raw.

Any way that Chisora goes is good for him. He is 26 years old has a lot of talent and if he keeps winning may get a chance for a all British showdown with David Haye.

That may be awhile off but it would be a good tussle none the less. We now know Haye will give a British fighter a chance at his belt even if he doesn’t deserve it.

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