WWE Smackdown Review: The Undertaker Is Sent To Hell

Jay BrennanCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15. The Undertaker enters the arena during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

The Peep Show Segment

The show kicked off with Christian being interrupted by Del Rio’s ring announcer. Del Rio then made his entrance in the only way he knows how, in style.

Christian slammed Del Rio’s “boring intro videos.” Christian always likes to “shoot” some during his promos. He continued to poke fun at previous gimmicks like the Spirit Squad and the Boogey Man.

Del Rio refused to face Christian at Night of Champions, despite receiving a slap to the face from Captain Charisma.

This feud will only end with Christian on his back taking the three-count. Del Rio has way too much momentum to lose now.

Segment Rating: 8/10


(Tag Team Champions) Hart Dynasty vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes Match:

McIntyre interrupted the Harts from executing the Hart Attack. Rhodes followed it with the Cross Rhodes to get the win.

The broadcast team did a great job selling Cody’s “Dashing” gimmick throughout the non-title match.

Tyson Kidd showed some dazzle with some great offense, which reminded me of how successful his singles run was before David Hart Smith arrived.

Hart Dynasty’s loss isn’t a huge surprise due to the fact that they needed opponents for Night of Champions.

Match Rating: 7/10


Kofi Kingston Segment

Kofi called Vicki Guerrero a “loud mouth beast of a woman”. He said that he would win the title from Ziggler and that Vicki would leave him thereafter.

Kofi called his fans the “Boom Squad.” I guess he feels the need to name his loyal followers. The segment came off as forced and very Rey Mysterio PG style.

Segment Rating: 6/10


Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger Match:

This was a premium match between two talented superstars.

Swagger caught Kofi in a springboard attempt and delivered a vicious slam at the start of the match to set the tone.

Kofi landed a beautiful frog splash style body press on Swagger for the near fall.

Swagger tried to finish the match when Kofi tried a huracanrana and he locked in the ankle lock. Kofi escaped and eventually landed the Trouble in Paradise for the victory.

Swagger made MVP tap last week with hopes of finally ending their uneventful feud.

This match made feel like Swagger took a step back in the right direction but the loss isn’t a good sign that he is going to be in the world title picture anytime soon.

During the match, there was a battle chant where fans were screaming for Swagger and Kofi. I was glad to see Swagger to get some respect from the WWE Universe.

It looks like Kofi will win the title from Ziggler at Night of Champions.

Match Rating: 9/10


Hornswoggle Segment:

The horrific Hornswoggle segments continue. This time Teddy Long brought him to a Nun to assist him with Hornswoggle with speech therapy.

The segment ended with Hornswoggle biting the Nun and tormenting her.

Please stop these segments, guys; they are killing me!

Segment Rating: 1/10


Lay-Cool w/Kaval vs. Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendez w/Naomi Match:

Layla pinned Rosa after hitting a neck breaker for the win.

The match was quick but was filled with Lay-Cool antics. They played the Smelly Kelly charade very well and it brought a smile to my face. They really are the mean girls from high school.

Match Rating: 5/10


Night of Champions Six-Pack Challenge Promo Video

This was a very well thought out promotion video. The warrior’s tale spoken by a woman made everything go together.

I was very surprised to see Hulk Hogan used to show the significance of the championship.

Do we do promotion video ratings? Oh well...

Video Rating: 10/10


Lay-Cool & Kaval Segment

We get Lay-Cool twice in one night. Michelle proposed that picking out of the hat would be the fair way about choosing who gets to fight Melina at Night of Champions.

Kaval drew Michelle McCool’s name out of the hat. Later, Kaval pointed out that there was no pieces of paper with Layla’s name on them.

Layla said that Michelle will be surprised when she is alone on Sunday.

I really hope they aren’t planning on ending Lay-Cool. It’s still going strong, and to end it for the sake of a Michelle vs. Layla match isn’t a great pay off.

Segment Rating: 7/10


CM Punk vs. Christian Match

Alberto Del Rio joined the announce team during the match. I am sure we already knew how this was going to end.

CM Punk is once again without the S.E.S. at ringside. According to the announce team, Punk banished the S.E.S. and is going at it alone.

Christian landed a reverse DDT for the near fall. Del Rio got on the microphone and distracted Christian which allowed CM Punk to hit the GTS for the win.

After the match, Del Rio placed sat on a folding chair on top of Christian. He declined once again and said “no” to the proposed match at Night of Champions.

Big Show ran into the ring where Del Rio threatened him with the chair. CM Punk tried to sneak attack Big Show but was knocked out for his efforts.

The post match action was a great way to incorporate both feuds.

Match Rating: 8/10


Kane Segment

Kane said that this time “it ends on my terms!” He accepted the Undertaker’s No Hold Barred challenge at Night of Champions.

As Kane uttered the words “rest in peace,” he was interrupted by Taker’s entrance music.

Undertaker made his way to the ring until the arena went black. Kane suddenly appeared behind Taker and assaulted him.

Kane dropped Taker with Snake Eyes and a big boot.  He executed a choke slam and annihilated the leftover pieces with a Tombstone piledriver.

This was a much better segment than the last two given to promote their match. Kane appeared unstoppable.

Segment Ratings: 7/10


Final Thoughts

Two weeks in a row, we were treated to excellent WWE matches.

I was very pleased that this week’s show was focused on Del Rio and Christian. Despite Del Rio declining to participate in a match at the pay-per-view, I think that these two will be on the card.

Matt Hardy did not job to anyone this week. I guess he is still sitting on the bench after being sent home from the European tour. Do us a favor, Matt, and just go to TNA.

Final Rating: 8/10