Enjoy the Sweet Aroma of Football While it Lasts

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Enjoy the Sweet Aroma of Football While it Lasts
Football smells good. Just ask former NFL player and now The Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa

Take a big whiff.

You smell that? Yup, it's back.

That smell that means each weekend will be filled with something awesome to watch on T.V.  That smell means it's o.k. to be lazy on Saturday, U.T. is playing Tech, what else could you possibly want to do?

That means Sundays will be filled with you sitting on your couch with a computer in front of you, checking each fantasy point you may have potentially gained instead of doing your laundry or something boring and responsible like that. Now it's alright to skip church if the Steelers are on but it's not like you went anyway (sinner.)

Yes, American football is back and there is hardly anything better. Everything just seems so much more real. Colors are brighter, blankets are softer, puppies are more cute and Ray Lewis is hitting harder than ever (that hit on the Jets Dustin Keller still hurts my head.)

One week into the season and life already feels better. Why football is only five months, I'll never know. Even though there have been talks about extending the professional season to 18 games, I don't agree only because it would mess up a lot of records. I know that's a contradiction but I guess I'm just on the fence about the extension situation.

But who cares about extending the season, at least we had a chance to waft in the aroma this year. We may not have the same chance next season.

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