Week 2: Fantasy Football Friday: Who Would You Start?

Jeremy BunnellContributor ISeptember 18, 2010

A look at this weeks matchups and the fantasy player for each team to look out for this weekend.



Chiefs @ Browns

KC: Everyone seems to be on the Dexter bandwagon right about now, but in order to have a fantasy impact you need to be on the field...and he doesn't see much of it. The Browns D has improved over the years, but they are lacking in the Red Zone category which to me adds up to a big game by Dwayne Bowe. Big game meaning about 75 yards receiving and two TD's.

Cleveland: The Browns didn't get shut down in the running game last week, they just didn't use it. With Harrison and Hillis both carrying the ball nine times each, it seemed as if Mangini wanted to let Tampa Bay back in the game by letting Jake Delhomme throw the ball and not control the clock. Well Delhomme is a game-time decision now, but looks as if Seneca Wallace will be under center by the start of the contest. Seneca Wallace is my play here, especially if you drafted a guy like Kevin Kolb or Matthew Stafford. Wallace had 230 yards and three TD's in the preseason and is a Mike Holmgren QB. I know it's preseason, but it's also the Chiefs. Look for a 68% completion and around 275 yards with two TD's and a scramble or two ending in about 30 yards.

Cardinals @ Falcons

Arizona: I see Arizona playing from behind most of the game. Sorry Cardinal fans. Derek Anderson is your quarterback and the two studs Beanie Wells and Larry Fitzgerald are not 100%. That pretty much sums up my reasoning right there. The good news is Anderson likes to throw the ball a lot and will if my prediction is right. Which lets me introduce to you Anderson's secret favorite target...Stephen Williams. With Early Doucet being sidelines with an injury, Williams slides into the slot receiver role until he gets back. Williams was targeted twice in the Week 1 win over the Rams so expect that number to increase dramatically. He was also Anderson's favorite target throughout the preseason leading the team in catches and yards. With this being Week 2, I unfortunately need to refer back to the preseason for some of these as much as I believe it means nothing. My guess is a six catch, 90 yard game with a TD.

Atlanta: Two words. Roddy White. No introduction needed for this wide receiver. The Falcons have something to prove this week and it starts with Matt Ryan, which leads to White. Expect a 100-yard plus game with a TD.

Bengals @ Ravens

Cincinnati: All the hype with the Bengals is around the two wide receivers I need not mention. My guy this week is on the receiving end as well but is not on the map yet. Jermaine Gresham. The Ravens D looked great against the Jets last week, but then again, it was the Jets. Gresham was a target of Carson Palmer last week enough to grab six receptions but tally only 24 yards. Look for that to continue as Gresham is a big target in the Red Zone that doesn't have a lot of flare.

Baltimore: Cincinnati was torched by Tom Brady last weekend. I don't see Joe Flacco having the same success because they don't need him to have a big game to win. They need Ray Rice to live up to his number three preseason fantasy ranking. Rice was very quiet last Monday but is due for a huge week this week. I see Rice having just as many receiving yards as rushing yards if not more.

Bears @ Cowboys

Chicago: I can't see Matt Forte having another game like last week...for the rest of the year. Jay Cutler on the other hand can. Devin Aromashodu is his favorite target down field and the Cowboys secondary is beatable. Aromashodu might not get a lot of catches but look for a big TD from him.

Dallas: Tony Romo will hold off the "Fire Wade" talks until at least the following week. He has been around long enough to realize that Week 1 is Week 1. This is Week 2. Romo will throw for at least three TD's and 300 yards. He will bring Dez Bryant into the conversation of impact rookies after this game.

Eagles @ Lions

Philadelphia: Yes it is a second chance for Michael Vick, and yes he played like the Michael Vick of old, but it's going to be the DeSean Jackson show. Jackson was targeted 11 times but only had four receptions for 30 yards. Vick knows Andy Reid loves going down the field and Jackson is the right man for that. On top of my prediction of a big receiving game, I think Jackson might bust out for a special teams TD as well. Just a thought.

Detroit: In order to quiet Detroit's offense, Philly needs to keep an eye on one man, Megatron himself, Calvin Johnson. I believe Johnson will take his aggression from last weekends non-game winning catch out on the Eagles secondary even without Matthew Stafford. Shaun Hill is not a big name quarterback, but has proven himself as a respectable winner as a starter. He will get Johnson the ball knowing he is the majority of the offense.

Bills @ Packers

Buffalo: The game is being played in Green Bay, which is in the state of Wisconsin, which is where Lee Evans played his college ball. Yes it is a reach, but when you are talking about Buffalo's offense you need to find quirks wherever you can find them. That is mine. I have a feeling this is going to be a tough team to predict all year.

Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers will go nuts on Buffalo. Look for a Peyton like performance of last week here with Rodgers. Greg Jennings will be the beneficiary of two TD tosses therefore it is a toss-up of who to take. What I do know is Brandon Jackson will not be a factor, mainly because he is a "Player to Watch" this week landing at number three on ESPN's list. When I see anyone on that list I stay far away...and it hasn't hurt me yet.

Steelers @ Titans

Pittsburgh: My "overrated" player of the week is Rashard Mendenhall. His game-winning overtime run was nearly half of his yards for the entire game. All I can say to that is...sell high. On the other hand, a receiver that was held in check was Mike Wallace. Was it because Dennis Dixon was throwing instead of Big Ben? Could be, but either way Dixon will find a way to get the big play wide receiver the ball.

Tennessee: Pittsburgh's run D is pretty good. Chris Johnson will still manage a 100-yard plus game and Vince Young won't expand the secondary, which means my player of the game will be Rob Bironas. The man can kick, and it will not be in the windy confines of Heinz Field. Look for another low-scoring game between two teams with non-throwing quarterbacks.

Dolphins @ Vikings

Miami: Brandon Marshall is the big target on Miami's offensive side. Ronnie Brown scored last week as well. The guy behind the guy is Ricky Williams. The toughest S.O.B in the league will run over the mullet and any other defensive star on the Vikings. Just watch and see. Williams is playing for a contract that he says he will not be around for, which I don't believe. Ricky has about four years left in his tank because of the time taken off to tour the world and get "cultured". My warning to the Vikings...get cultured before Sunday.

Minnesota: Miami played great D against Buffalo. Ok you got me, yeah it was only Buffalo, but they did shut down the projected Rookie of the Year C.J. Spiller. They will not shut down the older and more experienced AP. I know what you are thinking..."wow what a reach right there"...I'm sorry but this is a lock for Peterson to run all over the Dolphins. End of story.

Bucs @ Panthers

TB: ESPN has Cadillac Williams as their #5 on the "Players to Watch" list...therefore he will bust this week. I do on the other hand like the true soldier himself, Kellen Winslow. He seems to have grown with patience over the last couple years and it is starting to pay off. He will not have a Dallas Clark type game, but will be the best option on the team this week.

Carolina: In their game last week against Cleveland, the Bucs D gave up over five yards per carry. Deangelo Williams is licking his chops right now. He will have one of his big games on Sunday. Maybe not a four TD, 200 yard performance like last year, but I'm guessing about 140 yards and two TD's.


Seahawks @ Broncos

Seattle: Seattle got on the board last week in Pete Carroll's first game as Head Coach. Matt Hasselbeck looked like a quarterback again as well. They will both be taking the back seat behind Justin Forsett this week. I expect Seattle to focus a little more on running the ball and Forsett is the man for the job. He averaged over six yards a carry last week and proved to me that he really is the deal. Let's just hope Pete thinks twice about the three back system again this week.

Denver: Looks like this is my last chance to have Knowshon Moreno be in the limelight because of the trade for Laurence Maroney. Carries look to be dwindling for Moreno so he will want to make a statement this game. The only thing that will hold Knowshon back is the offensive line, who is battling injuries like nobody else. His determination to keep his starting role will take over this ball game.

Rams @ Raiders

STL: Sam Bradford looked surprisingly good last week and the guy to benefit from it was newly acquired Mark Clayton. I look for Clayton to be doubled a lot more this week which leaves Danny Amendola wide open. Amendola had six catches for 67 yards and was targeted 10 times so it is obvious that Bradford likes him...a lot.

Oakland: I am not too sure what to do right now with how bad Oakland played (minus McFadden for once) last week, so I am going on a hunch that it is going to be Zach Miller's only good game of the year. Who better to do it to than the Rams? Seems easier said then done...I just hope I am close with this one

Patriots @ Jets

NE: All the talk about the J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! drives me nuts. Win a ballgame first! Ok now that I got that out of my system I can continue to tell you Randy Moss is going to own Revis Island. This is the game Moss needs to get the new contract the following week. He will double his numbers from all of last year against the Jets in this one game.

NYJ: Sanchez is terrible. Shonn Greene was the biggest first week bust. Braylon Edwards single handedly won Baltimore the game by extending two drives. Is there anyone else? I'll go with Dustin Keller because Sanchez isn't allowed to go down the field at all...and if he was, he would probably over throw the receiver. Let's just hope Santonio Holmes comes back ready.

Jaguars @ Chargers

JAX: MJD will run all over the lacking D of the Chargers. He will also catch all over the D as well. MJD will be a guy that could win your matchup by himself...see Arian Foster last week. San Diego let Jamaal Charles run through them last week I don't see a reason why it doesn't happen again.

SD: Phillip Rivers was up to his usual last week...two TD's and 300 yards...and blaming everyone but himself. That will continue again this week I promise you. The thing that wont continue is the scared play by Ryan Mathews. Buy low right now if you do not have him, he is going to be a stud. It's a little different now playing in a non-sold out stadium at home rather than a Monday Night Football game. The pressure will be off him and he will shine.

Texans @ Redskins

Houston: Time to brush off my own shoulder...Arian Foster was my sleeper pick for this year. I had to do that I apologize. Foster was a beast and will continue to be good all year but will not produce another game like that. Oh wait, they play Indy one more time! The quiet ones last week were Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. Johnson will not go for a game like last week again...EVER. He will have his usual 100-yard game with a couple touchdowns. He will get back on the map again as the best receiver in the game.

Washington: The Texans D is good...real good. Donovan McNabb better hope his ankle is healthy because he will be running from Mario Williams all night. With that being said, I think McNabb has a solid game. The guy benefiting most from this will be Santana Moss. I never like playing a Redskin wide receiver but in this case I will. Look for about 15 targets for Moss, let's hope he makes the best of it.


Giants @ Colts

NYG: Eli Manning wants to beat his brother this weekend just like any younger brother wants to beat the older one. It wont happen. That makes for a good fantasy game for Eli by throwing from behind. His stats last week say he threw three interceptions but it should have been zero if his receivers could catch the ball. Steve Smith will be his main target in this game because Hakeem Nicks will be doubled every chance the Colts get. Smith will get his points early and often so let's hope they really fall behind quick.

Indianapolis: Peyton Manning had a big game last week. He doesn't care because they lost. They won't lose two in a row. Guaranteed. Reggie Wayne will have a HUGE week, maybe even the best of all wide receivers. Antrel Rolle will get burned at least twice for touchdowns, as Cardinal fans will laugh all the way to the bank, where Reggie cashes his own check this week.


Saints @ 49ers

NO: Reggie Bush turned in his Heisman Trophy earlier this week and is getting ripped someway or another for it. He will quiet the critics for a week by his play on the field. Well at least I hope he does because I am tired of hearing about it. C'mon Reggie do this for me!

SF: Alex Smith was awful last week. He will always be awful. Vernon Davis on the other hand wants to sniff out the rat with new best friend and coach Mike Singletary. He will have 10 plus catches and score at least once. They need him to in order to stay in the game. Don't expect a high scoring game in this one.


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