John Danks and Josh Beckett Duke it Out in a Pitchers Duel

Josh WarrenCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

For the better half of Monday night, it looked like the starting pitching would be all that would decide the final game of the four game series between the White Sox and the Red Sox. John Danks had a no-hitter going into the seventh inning, and Josh Beckett had just given up a single run.

Unfortunately for the White Sox, a broken bat base hit blew things open for the Red Sox.

John Danks had the Red Sox handcuffed,  all the way until the top of the seventh. After a base hit fell for his first single of the game, things seemed to fall apart for the young southpaw. J.D. Drew hit a double that put the Red Sox up 2-1, and they wouldn't lose the lead. Danks managed to strike out nine, and only ended up with two earned runs, and just two hits.

The White Sox just didn't have the bats in order tonight, picking up seven hits, but only managing to score one run on the night, as Josh Beckett returned the favor, striking out eight and giving up just one earned run, spreading all seven hits over eight innings.

The bullpen didn't help the White Sox efforts at all, giving up four more runs before all was said and done, all across four different pitchers. Lance Broadway managed not to give up a run in his first appearance at the major league level this year.

The White Sox split their series with the Red Sox at two games a piece, but their loss on Monday night once again put them behind the Minnesota Twins, in the constant battle for the AL Central lead.