Randy Orton Is Re-Injured

Peter BojarinovAnalyst IAugust 11, 2008

Randy Orton was involved in a motorcycle accident near his home Sunday night that could have ended his life were he not wearing a helmet. Orton was riding for as little as a month, on that night a car cut into his lane and he then made a wide turn into the curve coming. He then hit the curb and was flung from his bike. He was found flew almost 300 feet and was unconscious.

He knew as soon as he got up that he re-broke his collarbone. Although they believe he will not need surgery, this injury will set him back an additional three months before he can return to the ring. Orton was scheduled to return for the upcoming Summerslam.

I'm not a huge fan of Ortons, but I find him to be a great heel, and a great wrestler, this will not only set back his career, this will also set back WWE's RAW.

The current main heels on the roster are only JBL and newly changed heel Jericho. This will either cause RAW to push JBL and/or Jericho to the forefront or change Batista or Cena to turn heel.

This would be the worst thing, I can't see Batista or Cena being great at a heel role, nor is JBL worth being a top heel. It's been a few years, but I did find JBL to be a hilarious top heel when he held the championship 3 years back. It's been awhile, and he's just come back to wrestling again. It might be an opening for him to become top heel, just for a short while.

Get well soon Randy.