Breaking The Code: Night Of Champions Six Pack "Elimination" Challenge

Atobe KeigoContributor IISeptember 17, 2010

As you all probably know Breaking The Code is the name for the highly anticipated of "The Best In The World At What He Does" Chris Jericho. You can also probably tell that this article will focus on Jericho and how he will become a 6 time WWE Champion. 


Ever since Chris Jericho has came "home" from Smackdown to Raw I had expected that he will get Gold around his waist soon. But what happened was that he got pinned by Evan Bourne 3 times which was a supposed push which died out soon. He recently came back to the Title scene and lost his spot when he lost to Morrison. He then beat the Hart Dynasty on Monday Night Raw and re qualified for the Six Pack Challenge. 

Many of you might be saying right now that Jericho has no chance of winning or that he is leaving for awhile to tour with Fozzy. But I am telling you this, Jericho is slowly having a build up with the GM and he as champion would make great television and the GM trying to take the belt off of Jericho.

Let me give you reasons why the others are not going to win:



"Dubya Dubya E" Champion has been getting lucky in every single title defense he has had (ok maybe not everyone, Zack Ryder). This type of match is made to make a champion lose without losing that much credibility. Many might say "but Triple H is coming back" he is but he will not be the one to end the weak reign of "The Uncooked Chicken" that is Sheamus.


Wade Barrett

I am a big Barrett fan but sorry you are not Sheamus or Lesnar, you will probably have to wait till next year to win the championship. Wade is probably the guy who either taps to the Walls of Jericho or gets pinned by a Codebreaker. Then soon his stable The Nexus will dissolve and this bare-knuckle fighter will be on to greater things.


Randy Orton

 Well I hope that Orton is proud of his PPV record this year, he might be invincible on TV but on PPV's he loses. Another reason he will lose is that he just beat Cena CLEANLY (I still can't believe it) and mostly people who win their match before the PPV lose. Randy Orton is a guy who I hope wins if Jericho doesn't but because Orton will lose he will probably finish his business with Edge in Hell In A Cell. But I do expect Orton to be in the last two or three.


John Cena

Oh how a few months can make such a difference, before SummerSlam Cena had to be in a Title Match but now he is now just a filler. Even though Cena is perfect for this match because he always pulls out the victory at the end of the match to reclaim his championship. But Cena's reign over the WWE is coming to a close. He will be overshadowed by Orton by Wrestlemania and until then he will be fighting  The Nexus till its final defeat.



Edge in this match is somehow the Dark Horse, he isn't doing anything special right now on Raw and he is already billed to return to Smackdown and after his match with Orton in Hell In a Cell he will win his tenth world championship from the winner of The Kane and Undertaker feud.


Every single on of these people have a legit reason for not winning but what do we believe rumours online that Jericho is leaving for awhile. I will believe that when Jericho says it and if he does we will all wait for the 3rd Coming of Y2J. Jericho also has to win because even when he is calling us Hypocrites, Sycophants, Atrocious Troglodyte, or Germ Incubators we are still like mindless drones screaming "Y2J! Y2J! Y2J!." Jericho is the jewel of the WWE who is professional enough to lose to up and coming superstars.

I'm 99.999% sure Jericho will win the title and become the champion which is targeted by the GM, the other  0.0001% is that Nexus costs him the victory. On the side note don't expect The Miz to cash in the MITB Briefcase at Night of Champions and even if he does he isn't winning.