Charles Barkley Admits To Receiving Cash but Doesn't Have Any Trophies To Return

Daniel CarronContributor ISeptember 17, 2010

Charles Barkley admitted on The Dan Patrick Show that he received cash while in college. I’m glad he admitted it. How can you tell people that they cannot accept gifts? I know that it gets brought up all the time that the players make so much money for the colleges. They do! That is why it comes up all the time.

It’s too bad that Charles Barkley does not have any trophies to return. We know he got his money's worth in student meals.

Reggie Bush should have never returned the Heisman Trophy. He earned it. This talk of erasing his stats is crazy. Football is a dangerous game. You should be rewarded for your efforts if someone is making money off of you.

College: I’ll give you an education.

Athlete: Alright, I will give you millions in ticket and apparel sales. I will risk getting injured and missing out on a PAYING NFL career. I will boost your enrollment, making you more money. You can take millions from advertisers. I will go to class and practice all week, play in the game on the weekend, and do interviews wearing your school's logo. And if I make it to the NFL, I will tell everyone that I went to your school on Sunday Night Football.

College: Well, you know, if you do all of that then you will not have any time for a job and you cannot take any money or gifts.

Athlete: Deal.

Me: Ridiculous.