Can minnesota fans handle a new baseball stadium?

grant lucasContributor IAugust 11, 2008

how would minnesota handle a outdoor stadium?


we had it many years ago in the mets stadium (or however you spell it)


but another outdoor stadium?


i dont like the sound of it. in my mind i imagine rained out games. and nice winter jackets.


cause the saying minnesota nice, CERTINTLY does not apply to the weather


well as for the name heres my suggestion...if it dosnt get named after a pointless company as has been happening with all the new stadiums heres my example of that


- Citizens Bank Park (blue suit, red tie)
- Great American Ballpark (insurance with cheese)
- Ameriquest Field (made-up corporate crap word)


name it after the late great kirby puckett


or someone like rod carew.


now thats the right way to go