New feature in forums

Michael HoppesCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2010

A new feature called “BCS Bucks” has been added to the forums. All users now earn 10.00 BCS Bucks just for registering. Additional BCS Bucks are earned by posting in the forums. Adding a post is worth $5.00 plus $0.01 per word. Posting a poll is worth extra BCS Bucks.

BCS Bucks are used for making bets with other users or playing the lottery. To make a bet, just go to the forums, post in the new “BCS Bucks Bets” section, and find a user to take the other side. The loser of the bet must transfer the correct amount of BCS Bucks to the winner of the bet. Users can bet on anything, such as who will win a college football game or who will end up winning the Heisman Trophy.

You can view your current total of BCS Bucks at the top of the forum screen after logging in. You can manage your BCS Bucks by clicking on the “BCS Bucks” link next to your amount. Some of the options are opening a banking account, playing the lottery, and transferring BCS Bucks.

BCS Bucks have no cash value and may not be used to settle any debt, public or private.