Worst PPV Ever?

Adam FuquaContributor IAugust 11, 2008

The TNA PPV Har Justice was just hard to watch. With the lineup of matchs on the card I was hoping to see one of the most brutal and cut-throat nights in TNA.


But this is how it went...

"Mini Pump" Petey Williams d. Creed-BORING, for an X Division title match, this could have been ALOT better. I mean you have two VERY talented performers and one with quite possibly the best finisher in pro wrestling, the Canadian Destoryer, and you put him in jobber quality matches.

The 6 Knockout Tag Match, one of the most predicible matches of the night, enough said.

Beer Money vs LAX, all this match was to get the titles off LAX so they can split Thursday because of it.

Jay Lethal beating Sonjay Dutt, I mean with the build up toward this match, had to see it and Val walking out both coming.

Cage/Rhyno d. Team 3D-with 3D's contract running up, makes me wonder if this was a way of sending them out the door?

AJ FINALLY besting Angle, this was by far the best match of the night. High action and a good, but lingering, story to it. After the match, could have been alot better, I mean the Sting attack had no reason behind it unless they're setting up AJ/Sting. (PLEASE)

And then Joe/Booker, steel cage, weapons...blah blah blah, and wait, OMG the guitar! Come on TNA, step it up or fold already.