Matt Hardy Needs Help.. Fast

Hombre LoboContributor ISeptember 16, 2010

Is Matt "A OK?"
Is Matt "A OK?"

Matt Hardy has been quite the subject of controversy this past week. It all started when it was reported that he was sent home early from the recent European WWE tour.

Via PWInsider

"Matt Hardy was sent home from World Wrestling Entertainment's ongoing tour of Europe today, company sources have confirmed.

There was concern over Hardy's condition backstage at yesterday's SmackDown live event in Minehead, England. That is also we know as of this writing.

Hardy's issues follow an incident at last week's live event in White Plains, New York where he was scheduled to team with R-Truth against Luke Gallows and CM Punk. Company sources indicate there was concern over his condition that day too. It's said that Hardy left the building after officials spoke to him and never returned for his match.

Hardy posted a peculiar message on his Twitter account late last night, writing: "Good Night Earth.. And remember, life is special.. Godspeed everyone."

To say the least that last tweet is quite disturbing. Regardless of what context it was meant to come off in it came of quite creepy and eerie.

After reports came out of the incident Hardy posted a video on his you tube channel of him being in his hotel room in Europe. He went to the extent of showing cars driving on the wrong side of the lane showing European spelling to prove he was still in Europe.

There is only one problem. He made NO mention that he was kicked off the card that night. That is quite deceiving on his part to make a video to prove the reports sent out are inaccurate but then forget to mention that you were kicked off the card.

On top of that he mentions feeling the best he has in years. I say lies. It's clear he is out of shape, he is performing in a lackluster fashion, and he even looks quite mentally unstable.

His his you tube video regarding the European incident he looks as if he is zoning in and out. It's not a good look for him.

Matt Hardy is one step away from something bad happening. He's been lucky to make it this far without hurting himself too badly.

Remember the Jericho/Helms incident? Remember who didn't get caught? Via TMZ

"Witnesses told cops Hardy was in a taxi with Jericho, Helms and several others Wednesday morning -- when Helms allegedly struck three people ... including one female.

Witnesses say Hardy took off on foot -- just like Helms allegedly did -- when the cab driver pulled over at a Kentucky gas station and called 911.

We're told Helms came back to the scene and was arrested -- but Hardy was gone for good. Cops are not pursuing any sort of action against Hardy.

As we first reported, the female passenger decided not to file charges against Helms over the alleged attack. Helms and Jericho were arrested for "alcohol intoxication in a public place."

This guy is clearly on a slippery slope. He just hasn't got caught or had his reality check yet. I don't want to blame the fans but it's quite clear he and them are very dillusional about Matt Hardy's well being as a performer and as a person.

Please, Matt. Get help. NOW.