Derek Jeter: And The Oscar Goes To The Yankee Shortstop

John TsiantosContributor INovember 3, 2016

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How could he do that?  Not Derek Jeter! 

Before I continue let me clarify.  

No Derek Jeter didn't fail an MLB drug test.  Jeter didn't go Tiger Woods on anyone.  Nor did he pull off his best impersantation of LeBron James.

Instead the Yankee captain acted his way onto first base.  

Jeter was awarded the base in the seventh inning of Wednesday night's 4-3 loss to Tampa Bay when plate umpire Lance Barksdale ruled he was hit on the left arm by reliever Chad Qualls' pitch.

Jeter turned in a Leonardo DiCaprio type of performance.  Reminisces of the movie Catch Me If You Can. At least that's the reaction Jeter is getting from sports fans across the country.

Everyone settle down.  Jeter didn't just pull off the ultimate conn act here.  Much like the one DiCaperio's character Frank Abagnale Jr. did in the movie.  He bluffed his way on base and then admitted it later.  No crime here fans.  

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon was ejected after arguing that call was incorrect.

"If our guys did it, I would have applauded that, too," Maddon said. "For me it was a ground ball back to the pitcher."




Things like this happen in sports more often than you may really now or fail to realize. 

I ask you what about that foul in the paint that really didn't happen?  How about the pass interference call that your team gets when it's blatantly not true.  Or even the tag at second base that never really tagged the player that was sliding?  

This is a huge story why?  Simple.  Derek Jeter is a New York Yankee.

Part of it is him being a Yankee and the fact that the majority of fans who are not Yankee fans love to hate the Yankees and are quick to take them down when given the opportunity.  The other part being that it's in the New York market.  If a A-Rod breaks a toe nail the media is all over it.  

Regardless of the sport.  Acting or selling your way into something is apart of the game.  To be alarmed by this to me is ludicrous.

"He told me to go to first base. I'm not going to tell him I'm not going to first, you know," Jeter said.

Let's not associate Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter with players who truly "cheat" the game.  This was ultimately a guy taking advantage of what was given to him. 

So the next time someone ask you about Derek Jeter's Oscar winning performance Wednesday night you can tell them one of two things. 



It was a Leonardo DiCaprio type performance.  

How 'bout  Jeter was flat out resourceful in that moment. 

You can't fault a guy for that, right? 


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