Raw Highlights: Chris Jericho Is the New Show Stopper And NOC Prediction

John KindelanAnalyst IIISeptember 16, 2010

I know its Thursday and we're closer to the pay per view than we are to this past Mondays (9/13/10) Monday Night Raw, but I didn't see any articles on what I thought were clear highlights of the show.

There were some reviews and quick comments break down of matches, thoughts and predictions but I thought we didn't cover some key spots that took place and if someone missed the show I highly recommend heading over to WWE.com to watch video or over to You Tube to see some of these spots in better detail and clearer pictures obviously.

First up, The Rated R Superstar continues to do what should be the intention of everyone on the roster, entertain. Edge is capable of pulling off the Bad Ass persona, the dirty player, the face and the heel probably better than anyone. Say what you want about Randy Orton and Cena being the faces of WWE, Edge is one of its top stars.

He follows up last weeks ribbing of Kahli and ringside shenanigans (side note, I feel Sheamus should use a finisher of some sorts where its not clear if its cheating or not and it can be called Shenanigans. "OHHHH! He just declared SHENANIGANS!") by giving us a quick dance number and singing with Jillian Hall a quick chorus of Right Round. HILARIOUS.

Then to show not only does his talent exist outside the ring, but he can make a Body Slam match with Evan Bourne not look ridiculous. But what really sold it, what just made me sit there and say "How do they do this?!" was the kick. If you watched the show you know what I mean, if you didn't go watch that match on you tube, that kick from Evan to Edge's face was IN - TENSE. Bravo sir Edge, I would have been crying on the ground like a girl.



Now onto John Morrison. He did something great before his match, he didn't talk. Also he did Parkour. Seriously though the boy has some skills, that final little jump over the two crates where he skitched across the top similar to the way the bouncing acrobatic Beast from X-Men would scale a Sentinal was super cool. 

He follows that up with an amazing twist in the air to land on his feet in his match with Sheamus, and then, he jumps from the frame of the Titan Tron onto the human jar of Mayo. But alas Jericho comes out smacks him with the chair and Sheamus gets another stained win. (SHENANIGANS! SHENANIGANS! say it like JR would its a lot of fun..... go ahead I'll wait....)


And of course Chris Jericho once again proves as he has said before, is the next Shawn Michaels, and literally stops the show. Parking a chair in the middle of the ring, saying he knows the mysterious GM is watching and he'll wait for his dumb email. While all that was great, nothing tops his response to Cole. "Shut UP! We all know you an E-Mail read the damn thing." Classic Jericho.

Then to keep up the bashing of Cole, the smirks, the screaming "tell me what the e-mail address is!" All the complaining to follow it up with a victory, and not just any victory, a victory in a Handicap Steel Cage Match against the current Tag Team Champions was just the best.

I know everyone is saying Jericho will loose and go spend some time with Fozzy, which is followed with 'oh but don't get me wrong I love Jericho'. I hate to break it to you band wagoners, but he's winning and walking out the champ. Then the next two weeks he will be promoting his DVD which comes out on September 28th and reminding us  He will take the title into October he will put on a one of, if not THE BEST Hell in a Cell matches and have to leave due to injury and NOT because he's a quitter.

Then after some time we will see the return of Y2J and we shall all be Saved......... A-GAIN!