Chicago Bulls: Like the 90s, the Team Takes Over the Central Division Again

Del ChocContributor IISeptember 16, 2010

The Central Division is obviously going to boil down before the Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls, in a close two-way race for first.

And if you haven't heard, all bets are on the Bulls to finish first.

Such chorus can persist, especially, if another late speculative round of Carmelo Anthony catches on, as the disgruntled star of the Denver Nuggets has recharged his desires to go elsewhere -- particularly Bulls or Knicks -- and would be the salt-and-sugar to this team's solvent that finished third in their division just a couple months ago.

In either case, last year's 41-and-41 team still saw fit to upgrade drastically this offseason at three key positions--Shooting Guard, Small Forward, and Power Forward.

Their welcome new additions are adding on rather than walking into, for a cast of players not far removed from an epic postseason battle against the 2008 Boston Celtics.

Carlos Boozer was the top signing, and gives Chicago a 20-and-10 player they haven't seen since Elton Brand, another 6-foot-8 Forward-Center in the Eastern conference -- the Philadelphia 76ers.

Ronnie Brewer is their second major get, as he should come through in the clutch on the defensive side for many stops and allow Rose to play off the ball more confidently.

And while most midway fans are still in the blur on this signing, it is worth noting Brewer arguably played Kobe Bryant as well as anyone in the past decade during a Jazz-Lakers playoff meet back in 2009.

So, of course, the names aren't A-list but it rolls right into place for what Derrick Rose--the Point Guard--and Joakim Noah--the Center--needed.

But during their process of re-upping for this upcoming season, unfortunately, another byproduct of the 'baby-bulls' era was seen as passe`. The unquestionable leader of last year's team, Kirk Hinrich, was dealt to the Washington Wizards apart of a Draft day deal for fiscal reasons.

The 6'3" Kansas product split time at both Guard positions for most of his stint in Chicago. Though, fortunately, his contributions as captain will hardly be missed, with Boozer and Noah barking under the cylinder for 48 minutes.

So there you have it, this remodeled team is without a doubt on the uptick, specifically in partisan to their new found depth, added inches, and chemistry potential.

An All-Star campaign from Luol Deng, a three-point specialist in Kyle Korver, and Derrick Rose's eventual middle-of-the-season MVP chatter are well into General Manager Gar Forman's craving.

Predicted order of finish in the Central Division:

1. Chicago Bulls
2. Milwaukee Bucks
3. Indiana Pacers
4. Detroit Pistons
5. Cleveland Cavaliers