New York Jets Trade Brett Favre Jersey to the Tampa Bay Bucs

bob mantzSenior Writer IAugust 11, 2008

(Brett Favre reacts to the heat of Tampa Bay - photo)

(BS)  The Tampa Bay Tribune is reporting that The New York Jets have traded a Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Favre Jersey to the Bucs for quarterback Jeff Garcia.  Broadway Brett's Jets were never supposed to get Favre according to the Daily News' Rich Cimini & the Tampa Tribune, so giving up the Jersey "felt like the thing to do," said the alluring Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Garcia, already crushed emotionally by the Tribune's August 6th Headline, welcomed the change of scenery and said he did not mind backing up Brett and Kellen Clemens. 

Terrell Owens said, "He told me he wanted to go to the Jets.  He said he wanted to back Brett up and that he always liked Green like back in his Philly days."  Garcia responded to TO's remarks with, "It is really a waste of my time to sit here and to have to answer to such ridiculous, untrue comments that are made out there in the world today."

"Yes, I do want a chance to be a backup again but wearing green has nothing at all to do with it.  I just find a way to start as a backup and make it to the Pro-Bowl and win playoff games."  TO text messaged the Tribune:  "My thing was I didn't say that he liked green. Like I said, the conversation and interview was loose and from my knowledge I'm not sure if Jeff likes Green or not."

Broadway Brett was flown to Tampa Bay in Woody Johnson's helicopter for a quick press conference in which he broke down commenting that he missed Eric Mangini's penalty laps and wanted to return to NY as soon as possible.  He flew home immediately following the 15 minute Jersey presentation while Jeff got his stuff packed and jumped on a bus headed North.  He said he was looking forward to dinner with A.J. Feeley and then getting up to Hofstra.

"Well, I guess that's as close to Brett's Bucs as were going to see, " Coach Jon Gruden said at afternoon practice.  "I get tired of how hard it is. ... Anything is possible if you put your heart in it, you put your soul into and believe it can happen," Gruden said, following the teams practice at Disney Land. 

The Tampa Bay Tribune immediately proclaimed that the Bucs were the favorites to sign unrestricted free agent Stuart Smalley.  They refused to comment on whether ex-Jet Kenny O'Brien's popular #7 jersey was going to go back into production though one web site did report that it had received one order and EA Sports announced there would be a cheat released for Garcia in green.

Doesn't Jeff Garcia deserve better?

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