Where The Saints Look To Improve In Their Next Preseason Game

Robert LewisAnalyst IAugust 11, 2008

The New Orleans Saints showed that there is no question in how great their offense still is, and will become, in 2008. Even without Deuce, Shockey, and Colston playing last week, the Saints marched down the field for 80 yards and a touchdown on their opening drive.


The defense held their own, but still showed they are in need of improvement if they want to make a Super Bowl run this year. Vilma and McKenzie were missing last week, and it may be later in the month before they get onto the field. Even with the two high profile players out, the Saints defense will have to improve on unit cohesion, in the coming weeks.


A few things to look for when the Saints host the Texans this weekend will be if Meachem can duplicate his four catch, 129 yard, one TD game against the Cardinals. If he can, teams are going to be in trouble if they have to prepare for Colston, Shockey, Bush, Meachem and McAllister being on the field at the same time.


The battle is wide open still for the 2nd CB position; anyone can still make some plays and establish themselves as the weak side corner. Look for Usama Young, and second round draft pick Porter to step up their game.


Mark Simoneau is not going to give up his spot without a fight, but if Vilma is healthy he will not have a choice.


Most teams do not show a lot in preseason, but Gary Gibbs is going to have to show something if he wants teams to take notice of the newly overhauled defense. Or that may be his plan, to make teams think they are not better, and then surprise them come regular season.


Of course that last part is just wishful thinking.


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