Chris Werabe: Memphis Freshman Tiger on The Prowl Keeps Strong Defense

Mike PendletonCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2010

Sometimes being a freshman isn't easy.

Even more so, sometimes being a high school football recruit isn't easy. Chris Werabe has shown he can quickly and easily overcome any challenge thrown his way.

Werabe was a star defensive end/offensive tackle for Bishop Byrne High School (Memphis, Tennessee).

Due to personal matters, Werabe passed up offers from Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss, Mississippi St. Cincinnati, Oregon St., and South Carolina so he could stay home, be close to his family and decided to join the Memphis Tigers football team.

Werabe is a 6'1", 250-pound defensive end prepared to be switched to linebacker at any time while playing for Memphis.

When asked to describe his best position, Werabe threw a curve-ball and said "student-athlete: student first, athlete second.  I'm here to not only play strong, physical and leadership football, but to get my education from a great founded school such as Memphis."

Being a freshman isn't always easy but when asked what he's most excited about Werabe said, "I'm looking forward to playing alongside Dontari Poe on the defensive line but if they switch me to linebacker, I'll be looking forward to play alongside Jamon Hughes."

Although Memphis has dropped its first two games, Werabe keeps his head saying, "We've got a young team but we're all prepared to face the tough road of both losing and winning. We pick each other up on this team from the seniors to freshmen, our chemistry is great and the play will follow."

With comparisons to Dwight Freeney and Osi Umenyiora, Werabe finds motivation.

"When people throw star NFL players in the same sentence as your name you have a lot to prove," Werabe said. "I know I have a lot to prove but actions speak louder then words, this much I know. So I'm here to prove my worth without saying a word."

Not much to be said except how much you have to like a freshman who wants to lead.

Werabe states his passion for football and desire to be the best is what makes him a leader.

"Off the field I just try to be the best leader that i can be, in and out the classroom, on and off the field."

While the Tigers began their season on a rough note, Werabe is a bright side.

A bright side that looks like a semi-truck headed right at quarterbacks. Opponent beware, Werabe lets his game speak for itself and finding your quarterback on the ground tells a lot about a young man who has priorities straight and his talent level rising.  

To put a exclamation point on everything Werabe was then asked what exactly does he bring to the table, "plenty of food and by that I mean whatever the coaches want me to do I'll do it with a passion" he said.

Whether it's the passion or his talent, Werabe is headed to the top and coaches better be hungry, because he has got more then enough food to bring to the table.