Are the Yankees Done After Being Swept By The Angels?

Matt ScaranoContributor IAugust 11, 2008

The Yankees are down and out. They just finished up a three game series on the west coast with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The series resulted in a sweep by the Angels. The Yankees bats seemed to come out swinging, but the bullpen couldn't have been worse.

The Yankees seemed like they could close out the game, for two out of the three games of the series. In game two, with the game tied at three, the Yankees defense behind pitcher Edwar Ramirez gave up eight runs. They lost game two 11-4. In game three, a tied 3-3 ballgame headed into the 9th. The Yankees bullpen gave up a walk-off base hit allowing the Angels to sweep the Yankees.

The Yankees are now 8.5 out of the first place Rays, and four games back of the second place Red Sox. The Yankees now head to the Metrodome to face off against a Minnesota team also fighting for that wildcard spot. The Angels being the best team in the major leagues, I can understand why the Yankees were swept.

This Twins series is huge and I think it would be a big disappointment if the Yankees didn't take at least two out of three from the Twins.

In Joba Chamberlain news, Joba was recently placed on the 15 day disabled list.  Only time will tell if he is really out for 15 days, or if this is a season ending injury.