Oklahoma State Vs. Tulsa: The Houston Student Is Now The Cowboy Teacher

Mark CrystelContributor IIISeptember 16, 2010

This game could be a shoot out
This game could be a shoot outChris Graythen/Getty Images

Oklahoma State thought it had the winning formula to defeat Houston last season with Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant.

When it was all said and done, the student became the teacher.

As a matter of fact, they were so impressed with Houston, they went out and hired its offensive coordinator.

Luckily for the sake of this game, he came from the same conference that Tulsa was in.

The Cowboys went out and hired offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen from Houston in the offseason, and the acquisition looks as if it will pay dividends.

Without star WR Dez Bryant and their veteran QB Zac Robinson, the Cowboys have already put up more points in the first two games than they put up in any FBS game in 2009.

With Tulsa’s defense they might be able to put up more, especially since Holgorsen will be familiar with it. After all, his Houston Cougars defeated Tulsa twice in the last two seasons, once scoring 70 points.

Tulsa QB G.J. Kinne transferred from Texas, so the kid has athletic talent, and there’s no doubt about that.

Star WR Damarius Johnson is also back in the fold, so Tulsa should be the usual point scoring machine they have been lately.

However, I wouldn’t overlook the fact that Oklahoma State football program has a lot on it's mind lately.

For one thing, there’s no way coach Mike Gundy wants to lose to a Conference USA team again, at home again, like he lost vs. Houston last season.

Additionally, the Cowboys just earned a narrow victory over the Troy Trojans in a game that was a little too close for comfort. However, the Cowboys had five turnovers in the game and out-gained the Trojans by over 100 yards.

Regardless, the Cowboys have the upper hand in this match up.

Not only will their new offensive coordinator be familiar with a winning recipe to run over Tulsa’s defense, he now has Big 12 caliber talent to work with.

Big 12 caliber talent means bigger and stronger players, generally speaking.

Even in Tulsa’s best season, 2008, the team couldn’t beat a losing BCS team. Going into Arkansas 8-0 and off a slew of blowouts including six games scoring 49-plus points, they lost to the Razorbacks, a team that won four FBS games that season.

For Tulsa to win this game, they will have to man up and break the nasty streak of 19 consecutive losses to FBS teams and Boise State over the last decade (not including the Naval Academy).

Not only have they lost every game they’ve played against BCS competition, never once did they get within less than a TD; Oklahoma State is favored by seven points.

Expect a shoot out in this game, but I wouldn’t plan on the Cowboys turning the ball over five times again, and I wouldn’t plan on the Cowboys losing to another C-USA team at home in consecutive seasons.

After all, the teacher is now on their sideline.