Cottage Industry: November 24

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Cottage Industry: November 24
Because man can t live on tryptophan alone

A hearty gobble gobble to all you pilgrims out there. Industry Insiders had grand ambitions for this week s edition, but there s nothing like a nasty case of terminal gravy bloat to upset even the best-laid plans. As a consolation gift, I leave you, humbly, with this Thanksgiving haiku:

Turkeys come and go.

Some things endure forever.

Who wants leftovers?

Pretty lame, I know but I promise to be back next week with my overlooked and underappreciated brand of that s-just-not-very-funny humor. In the meantime, feel free to create your own Industrial barbs by tossing Michael Richards, Pierre Gemayel, and Bo Schembechler into an inappropriate manage- -trois. With any luck, the result will be as badly mangled as my small intestine

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