Christan and Alberto Del Rio: One Or Two Sided Push?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2010

  It all started with a JBL joke and now it is a rivalry. I know most people say that Christian is just there to progress Alberto Del Rio's career by starting off with a good veteran wrestler. I, however, believe that if WWE was smart they could kill two birds with one stone here.

 I am not saying they won't do it but everyone seems so stuck on the fact that Christian is just a stepping stone for Del Rio.I can easily see this rivalry helping out both sides drastically.

 Del Rio could easily benefit from this simply because he is new and besides taking out Rey Mysterio he needs a continued rivalry and who better to start off a career than the veteran captain charisma. Most people can tell that this will either way help Del Rio out so I wont spend too much time talking about him.

 Christian has been stuck in the middle as of late. Singles matches with Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, which I thought was going to turn into something a little cooler than just single match after match after match kind of like the Kingston/ Ziggler thing, have kept Christian to a limited amount of time.

 So for the sake of this story lets just say that the WWE does decide to push both of these guys.

 We already know why this helps out Alberto Del Rio.

  This helps out Christian tremendously because of the high that the WWE has on Del Rio. If these two have some great matches, which by now we know they will, then it leads to a PPV match. Now obviously the best case scenario would be that Christian wins the PPV in a long excellent match, but we all know chances of that are low. Lets just say this rivalry switches to some others too. CM Punk and Show or maybe Kane and Taker (NOTE: I said maybe). Tag-team matches or any other type of match could possibly lead to the possible push of Christian.

 Ok now lets say that this is simply for Del Rio, like everyone believes will happen, and Rio goes on. If Del Rio were to win the title from Kane then who would he have to face? Rey is hurt, McIntyre and Rhodes are possibilities but I can not see that, Swagger is getting shafted already, Taker will probably go on to the storyline of his streak after NOC, it seems CM Punk and Big Show have a rivalry that will not stop and after these guys there is not many main eventers to face him.

 So all of this has to tie in to the switch to SyFy and who will come over to Smackdown. Unless Cena or Orton switch I have to at least hope that WWE will finally give Christian a chance fo the title that has evaded him his whole life.

 So the question for the community. Is this stricktly a Del Rio push? Or will WWE please all the peeps an give Christian a title shot?