WWE Night of Champions Preview: 10 Things to Watch for in the Lumberjill Match

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIISeptember 16, 2010

WWE Night of Champions Preview: 10 Things to Watch for in the Lumberjill Match

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    WWE PPV Night of Champions is only days away and the whole women's division is set to be featured in the Divas and Women's Championship Lumberjill match. With this many women wrestlers being featured in one match, there's a high chance that it won’t end prettily.

    Previous Divas and women champions such as Alicia Fox, Maryse, Jillian Hall and Eve Torres will be featured in the match as "lumberjills" and jealously could get the best of some of the female wrestlers. Could the match be a stepping-stone for a major storyline development? Could one of the wrestlers have a change of heart? The match has a lot of promise and excitement surrounding it. Not only does the match feature the likes of Melina and Layla--or Michelle McCool--who are more than capable of putting on an exciting match, but it also features wrestlers such as Gail Kim who could shine if given the chance.

    WWE diva’s Layla and Michelle McCool have proven in recent weeks that women deserve more segments on TV, and hopefully we will get the chance to see some of their personality on microphone before the match to add more heat. Maybe WWE will even treat us with segments of other women wrestlers on their roster during the show.

    With so many women being in one match there is a lot of potential for a lot of different things to happen. We could see betrayal, jealously and possibly a character turn amongst any of the women involved in the match. WWE may decide to push a particular wrestler due to Internet demand. There could be a surprise that none of us could have seen coming 

    In my slideshow I am going to explore some possible outcomes of the women and diva Championships match at Night of Champions.  

The End of Laycool?

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    On last weeks edition of Smackdown, Michelle and Layla were seen arguing over who will get to defend the women’s championship at Night of Champions. Michelle or Layla could defend the belt come Sunday night, but could the decision of one woman defending the belt cause tension? If one of them defends the belt and ends up retaining it, could the other become jealous and bitter? What if they aren’t successful in their tittle defence and end up losing the belt? There could be trouble to pay for the person who loses the belt.

Rosa Mendes' True Agenda Revealed

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    Since Laycool mocked Rosa Mendes for being too chubby, she has been seen in several segments from week to week on Smackdown exercising. Rosa has been seen skipping, star jumping and lifting weights. But why? Has she been doing this in hope to align herself with Laycool or so that she can get revenge on them and prove them wrong?

WWE NXT Rookies make their presence known

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    The new season of WWE NXT has created controversy due to it only featuring female wrestlers. The season has come under criticism, but could a heated push of NXT rookies during the championship match create a buzz? Not only could it give the women’s division a much needed storyline but it could also increase NXT’s ratings.

Alicia Fox Gets Revenge

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    Alicia Fox only lost her Divas championship at Summerslam but has not been seen on TV much since. Since losing her belt she has had little character development and is in need of a push. Could Alicia’s jealously get the best of her at the PPV? Alicia is known for being fiery and feisty so when she has the opportunity to get some revenge on Melina, she may not hold back.

Return Of Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix has been out for a while due to a knee injury. It is not reported that she will be returning at the Night of Champions PPV, but it could be a nice little surprise. The early return of Beth, or at least a surprise appearance, could create a spark in the women’s division and set up a storyline between her and the champion.   

A Heel Turn For Gail Kim

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    Since returning to WWE in 2009, Gail Kim hasn’t had much of a push within the company. She usually fills a void for a tag-team partner and just smiles whenever the camera is on her. Gail Kim doesn’t seem to be doing much except being a sidekick with little character development. Fingers crossed that at Night of Champions Gail Kim will make a heel turn by attacking Melina and get the push she deserves. 

Return Of Tiffany

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    Tiffany has been taken off TV since her domestic dispute with her real-life husband Drew McIntyre. Details of what happened are still hazy, but she is hoping to return once her legal issues are cleared up. Tiffany was involved in a storyline with Laycool and Kelly Kelly before she was taken off TV so there is potential for storyline development as soon as she returns.

Vicki Guerrero Steps In

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    On several occasions Vicki Guerrero has stepped in and tried to make changes in the women’s division. It is known that she takes the side of Laycool in their dispute with the Smackdown general manager.  Could she step in and change the rules or stipulation of the match at Night of Champions? Vicki could try and help Laycool pull a blind one over Melina's eyes.

Debut of a New Diva

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    In recent weeks WWE has been searching for new female wrestlers to fill the empty void on Raw and Smackdown. It is due to the lack of female wrestlers on Raw and Smackdown that the belts are becoming unified in the first place. Could WWE be debuting a new diva to shake the women’s roster up? Adding a new female wrestler to the roster would certainly create a buzz.

Laycool Fools Us All

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    Laycool fooled the WWE universe a while back when tension began to show between them when Smackdown general manager told them to decide the one and only women’s champion. Some speculated the end of Laycool but it was all just planned to fool everyone. Heading into Night of Champions, Laycool could be pretending all over again and have a plan up their sleeves.

Thanks For Reading

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    That's the end of my slideshow. I hope you enjoyed reading and are all excited for the match this Sunday.