Atlanta Braves Vs. Washington Nationals: What It Means To The Phillies

Vincent HeckCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2010

The Nats expose the Braves?
The Nats expose the Braves?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

"i think my braves need to start over and start batting off the tee everyone of them night in night out same pathetic show"

Says one disheartened fan towards the end of the Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals. After falling behind 4 - 0, in the bottom of the second, there was no turning back for the Bravos.

After innings of no rebuttal, another fans utters, "No way we can win this game. Our season is done."

This conversation took place in a popular sports chat room with both Phillies’ fans and Braves’ fans, discussing the game as it unfolded.

During the game, John Lannan (8-7) gave up two runs, eight hits and three walks in six innings for the Nationals, who have won eight of 15 meetings with the Braves this season. Joel Peralta, Sean Burnett and Drew Storen combined for two-hit relief, with Storen pitching a 1-2-3 ninth for his fourth save in five chances.

This was, truly, pitching dominance over the Atlanta Braves.

The Nats, in effect, may have demonstrated, in dramatic fashion, the truth behind the myths that are often uttered in a Braves vs. Phillies argument. One thing that is usually suggested is that it is unlikely the Phillies pitchers will be successful against the resiliency of their hitters. That myth was softened by the Nats, while unraveling, simultaneously, that the Braves are automatic in Atlanta -- and they did it, as the Nationals!

If I may regress for a moment – none of those myths are false. They are just truths, that sometimes are exaggerated by fans who disregard experience as a true factor in these sporting races.

What needs to be understood is: pressure creates strange scenarios—even a Bible proverb admits that and the Phillies, aren’t exempt from that truth. But they are, however, less likely to succumb to it. I guess at the end of the day results are the only things that matter.

With this loss the Atlanta Braves have fallen behind the Philadelphia Phillies 2.5 games while the Phillies return to work tonight against the Florida Marlins with extra incentive to complete the sweep.

Atlanta now owns only a 1.5 lead on the San Francisco Giants who also play tonight against the Los Angeles Dodgers, after squandering an opportunity to gain on the Braves losing 1 - 0 to the Dodgers late last night.

What we hope as Phillies fans, is that this series was a meltdown by the Braves and not a surge to play spoiler on the part of the Nats, being that we have a series coming up with them this weekend.


With all of that said, things seem to come into focus more so as we get closer to October, but the proof is in the pudding—what's happening down the stretch will need to happen. Otherwise it'd be as if marrying someone who you didn't know wanted you for all of your money—it'd be a tough revelation to come to grips with once you've gone to deep.

Let's get it out of the way now. May each team reveal what they really are.

Will the real Atlanta Braves please stand up?

Or are we witnessing what's being depicted in this Queen video?

This seemed to be a tough reality for some fans in the chat room, as it quickly turned to fire spitting.

"yeah, well... We have fewer people working, so we can't support our team like you rich snobbs in Philly can, so try that one on for size!" and  "Unlike Phillies fans, Braves fans have jobs and are at work at noon on a Wednesday."

Love is in the air—how easily a good rivalry can turn into a bitter fall out.

The day is not over; Phillies’ fans have a few scores to watch.

For starters, watch the Phillies on Comcast, at 7:10 p.m. EST., while keeping an eye on the Yankees vs the Tampa Bay Rays, as the Phillies are only 3.5 games away from being the best team in the MLB. And then watch out for the San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game at 10 p.m. EST.

Happy September baseball.