Ines Sainz: 20 Biggest Athlete-Media Interview Blowups Ever (Video)

Nathaniel UyAnalyst IApril 12, 2017

Ines Sainz: 20 Biggest Athlete-Media Interview Blowups Ever (Video)

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    Athletes and members of the media don't always have a perfect relationship with each other, but for the most part both sides usually find a way to coexist peacefully.

    Sometimes, however, there are cases when athletes just get out of control with their emotions, actions and use of words when dealing with the press.  Just like Ines Sainz' visit to the Jets locker room, some members of the organization supposedly addressed her in a disrespectful manner.

    Be forewarned, there won't be any angry coach tirades here, that's another slideshow.

    Here are 20 of the biggest athlete-media blowups of all-time.

Honorable Mention: Terrell Owens

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    This was not really a big blow up, it was more like an emotional breakdown.

    Regardless, it deserves an honorable mention since it involved a crying T.O.

    Hey, maybe he'll have a future in television at the end of his career.

    Oh wait, he already has a reality show.

20. Billy Wagner

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    Wagner makes a valid point.

    Why is everyone talking to him even though he didn't play in the game?

    Sounds like he's having a bad day.

19. Milt Stegall

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    Who is Milt Stegall?

    One of the best players to play in the Canadian Football League. 

    But that doesn't give him the license to rip up Canada's most popular sport—hockey.

    Maybe he's just bitter about not playing in the NFL.

18. Sean Avery

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    Avery practically asks to be on camera, so he can deliver a message: a personal attack on his ex-gilrfriends and fellow NHL players.

    Sounds like he's seething with jealousy.

17. Randy Moss

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    Here's a great way to endear yourself to the media—whine about being misunderstood and under-appreciated.

    Sorry Randy, all you'll get out of that rant is a headline saying you're a big whiner.

16. Brandon Jacobs

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    Nick Laham/Getty Images

    Clearly unhappy with the questions about his lost starting job, Jacobs decides to give the reporter he silent treatment.

    Watch the video here: Interview

    But then more questions come up that tough the ever-sensitive topic of his shared minutes with Ahmad Bradshaw and he loses his cool. 

    You have to give him credit though for walking away.

15. George Brett

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    Brett was known for having a short temper as a player and he certainly hasn't lost any of that rage in retirement.

    While at a charity golf tournament he stands up for Trey Hillman, the manager of the Kansas City Royals, in a tirade in which he drops a few expletives.

    That's George Brett for ya.

14. Jason Williams

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    Look at Jason Williams try to take all the attention away from Matt Barnes.

    Tsk, tsk, White Chocolate, that's not very nice.

13. Lance Armstrong

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    Lance is understandably bitter towards a reporter that wrote some negative comments about his comeback from cancer.

    But he takes it all out on him in a room full of other media people.  Now Lance, that's a mean way to get payback. 

12. Darko Milicic

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    Whoa, after seven years in the NBA, Darko hasn't exhibited as much passion as he does in this interview.

    Even if you don't understand Serbian, you can tell the man wanted to win.

    Or, he just had a thing for the referee's moms.

11. Floyd Mayweather

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    Poor Larry Merchant, he just got Floyd Mayweather, Jr. started.

    And you know what happens when that mouth starts running.

    It won't shut up.

10. Kellen Winslow

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    Someone please tell his guy it's only a game.

    Winslow likens football to a war. Love the intensity.

    Too bad he gets injured a lot during battle.

9. Shaquille O'Neal

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    Watch out this video is uncensored.

    Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Listen to the Big Grumpy get angry on live television.

8. Allen Iverson

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    Alright, AI missed practice and the media asked him about it.

    But the line of questioning just struck a nerve with the former league MVP and he wouldn't let it go.

7. Ryan Leaf

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    Here's Leaf starting to come to grips with what he really is.

    A first-round bust and a failure as a quarterback.

    The truth hurts.

6. Mike Tyson

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    I understand how sometimes boxer's use words to trying intimidate their opponents and psych themselves up.

    But eat his children?  Really?

    That's going too far Mike.

5. Bobby Bonilla

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    Al Bello/Getty Images

    Back when he was with the New York Mets, Bonilla caused quite a stir when he lashed out against sportswriter Bob Klapisch for writing his book The Worst Team Money Could Buy: The Collapse Of The New York Mets.

    Video cameras captured his tirade and his attempts to try and intimidate the writer.  Bonilla kept taunting Klapisch with snide and profanity-laced remarks while he was trying to interview Doc Gooden.

    Though the confrontation never escalated beyond verbal sparring, the writer and the baseball player would not talk to each other for six years.

4. Michael Strahan

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    Here's one think that can be learned from this video: don't piss off Strahan with negativity.

    And you don't to to anger a 6'5" 255 lb. man.


3. The New York Jets and Ines Sainz

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    What first was supposed to be an innocent locker room visit and interview with Mark Sanchez could now turn into a potential sexual harassment lawsuit for the New York Jets.

    Heck, everyone's been talking about it all week.

    Yes, Ines Sainz is hot.  But members of the Jets allegedly went overboard by throwing footballs at her and making inappropriate remarks while she was trying to do her job.

2. Deion Sanders

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    While most athletes look to celebrate after winning the NL pennant, Deion Sanders wanted to get revenge on Tim McCarver for questioning his decision to play football and baseball on the same day.

    So he dumped water on McCarver while he was conducting interviews.

1. Jim Everett

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    So Chris, err, I mean Jim, just couldn't take being called the wrong name any longer.

    And he did what many athletes would never have the guts to do—go after Jim Rome.

    By the way, how many sacks did he have?  Anyone know?