Kyle Busch: Fiance Samantha Sarcinella Breakout Star of New Show

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2010

Kyle Busch: Fiance Samantha Sarcinella Breakout Star of New Show

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    Sarcinella is married to Kyle Busch. How does that work?

    Kyle Busch's wife, Samantha Sarcinella, has been catapulted into the upper echelons of WAG fame with her new show Riding Shotgun: Kyle Busch.

    The show was supposed to be about Busch and his life as a NASCAR driver. But, the biggest factor in the show's incredible popularity has been Sarcinella. 

    Why has the woman known as Sam skyrocketed to new heights? Let's take a look, shall we?

10. The Interactions Between Sarcinella and Busch

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    Once again, how?

    The acting on the show has been stellar. Sometimes, it's like they don't even know we're watching!

9. The Hook

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    Is she just blind? Is that it?

    Sam has a certain charm to her. She comes off as a sweet girl next door quite a bit, and, in this photo at least, she looks the part. With that kind of charisma, it's no wonder the world is enraptured. 

8. What Does Kyle See In Her?

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    So, what does Busch see in her?

    The show has also forced us to ask, what is it Kyle sees in her? 

7. She's Classy

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    Jeez, what was she thinking?

    The pair were looking at photos of themselves kissing, and the following dialogue ensued.

    "You look like a hooker," Busch said. 

    "We won't be sending that one to my grandmother," Samantha replied.

    Talk about classy.

6. She's Doting

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    She comes to all his races. Again WHAT?

    Sarcinella has been a fixture at Busch's races since the pair started dating. She paces and looks worried on pit road, and helps Busch celebrate wins on the podium.

    Because she's doting. Yeah, let's go with that. 

5. She's Smart

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    Sarcinella might be one of the smartest WAGs of all time.

    Another actual conversation between Busch and Sam:

    "Why is it so much darker out than last night?" Sam said, staring at the night sky, "It's the same time." 

    "Clouds," Said Kyle. 

    In Sam's defense, she might have been speaking metaphysically. 

4. She Loves Him

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    I still don't get it.

    If we've learned nothing else from the show, it's that Sam loves Kyle. How do I know? 

3. Proof Of Love

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    Here it comes...

    Sarcinella clearly sees something in Busch that goes well beyond his awkward gangly appearance. Why? Well, because he's awkward and gangly looking. 

    That means it has to be love. 

2. What Could It Be?

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    I can't figure out what she gains from being seen with Busch.

    What could someone like Sarcinella possibly see in a successful, rich, popular race car driv-

    You know what? Never mind. 

1. Conclusion

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    Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she love him for him.

    I could be wrong. She probably loves him because he's charming and witty and passionate. But, regardless of the reason for their love, her presence on Riding Shotgun has given us a new WAG to admire.