Ines Sainz: 10 Reasons She's Not a Very Sympathetic Victim

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2010

Ines Sainz: 10 Reasons She's Not a Very Sympathetic Victim

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    Ines Sainz has become the big topic in media circles since her incident at a New York Jets practice.

    Sainz was catcalled by members of the Jets after they threw passes in her direction during practice. The incident was then reported by other members of the media and became a firestorm.

    It was an embarrassing and unfortunate incident and in no way did she deserve that type of treatment—no one does. However, since then Sainz has gotten criticism for numerous things and her level of sympathy has dropped in the public eye.

    Here are 10 reasons why Sainz doesn't deserve sympathy from the public.

No. 10: Poor Role Model

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    Ines Sainz got her job because she's a sex symbol and she knows it. That's why she does sexy photoshoots, and that's why she dresses the way she does.

    Women before her worked long and hard to break the stereotype of women as sex objects for men, and Ines Sainz embraces it. That's not something I'd want to teach my daughter about how to make a career for herself.

    It's just a sleazy way to go about being a journalist.

No. 9: Her Employer

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    TV Azteca isn't the most professional news organization in the history of journalism.

    Their reporters are all about selling sex, with unbuttoned blouses and shock stunts like sending a reporter to the Super Bowl in a wedding dress shouting that she was the real Mrs. Tom Brady. They're a joke of a news organization, and their reporters are nothing more than models with microphones.

    When you blur the lines of how serious you are as a news organization, you leave yourself open as a target. It's unfortunate, but that's how the world works, sadly.

No. 8: Her Body Of Work

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    There's Ines at the Super Bowl two years ago doing a very hard-hitting story on the size of the players' biceps.

    Let's be honest: Ines Sainz is a very pretty woman who does fluff pieces to get her on the camera and get ratings up. When part of your job is groping men's arms for a story, you put yourself in a position where, unfortunately, these types of things can happen.

    Maybe Ines should focus on the actual games instead of the size of athletes' muscles.

No. 7: Her Dress On The Job

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    Ines Sainz doesn't exactly dress like a professional on the job or even on this recent media junket she's been on.

    Here she is on the CBS Early Show wearing a very low cut blouse and a very revealing skirt. I don't know how many female journalists dress like that, but I'm betting not many. You're trying to do your job, and when you're working, there's supposed to be a level of professionalism there.

    No reporter, male or female, should dress like that. Sainz says that all she was wearing was a blouse and jeans but doesn't mention how low cut that blouse is. She needs to stop acting like she wasn't being revealing and be honest with everyone.

    If you want to be taken seriously, you need to dress like it. Perception is reality, and that's sad but true. When you don't act like a professional, sometimes, people won't treat you like it either.

No. 6: Online Presence

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    Ines Sainz doesn't promote herself as a serious journalist. It's more like a model with a microphone.

    She calls herself the sexiest sportscaster in Mexico and her Twitter background is full of sexy photos of her and so is her personal website. I know that she's got a job to do but when you promote yourself as a sex symbol journalist, you shouldn't be shocked when you're treated like it.

    I think if Sainz wants respect from her peers and the people she's interviewing, she should act like it.

No. 5: Change of Opinion

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    Originally, this was nothing to Ines Sainz. She said it wasn't a big deal and she wasn't offended about what happened in the locker room.

    If it's not such a big deal, why are you doing interviews whenever you have the chance, talking about how uncomfortable it made you feel and how you talked to the Jets' owner about it? I feel like if it wasn't a big deal, there'd be no need to go on a talk show.

    I feel like Sainz changed her mind about how big a deal this was once that women's rights advocacy group rushed to her defense.

No. 4: Opportunist

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    Maybe it's the cynic in me, but I feel like once Sainz realized that this story was going to turn into a big deal, she decided it was time to get out there in the spotlight.

    Sainz has hit up a lot of talk shows and has told her story over and over and over again, almost embracing the firestorm and the criticism. To be honest, I think she thinks she can turn this into a positive for her.

    What happened was unfortunate and she didn't deserve it, but if she could get a new gig out of it or get a little cash flow out of it, I'm sure she wouldn't mind that either.

No. 3: Setting Female Journalists Back

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    I know some female journalists are rushing to her defense but I'm almost not sure why.

    Women in the media—especially the sports media—have fought long and hard to build up credibility as respected media members and not sex symbols, then here comes Ines Sainz causing scenes at games with low cut blouses and odd stories that accomplish nothing.

    There's plenty of women out there that do great jobs, and they do it with class and dignity while Sainz is feeling up biceps at the Super Bowl media day. I just don't get why they feel the need to defend her. She makes all women look bad.

    She didn't deserve it, but she's not Wonder Woman either.

No. 2: Goes To Jets Game In Revealing Outfit

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    That's Ines Sainz on the sidelines of this Monday's Jets game. Could she have been doing her job? Maybe. But again, I'm a cynic and I don't buy it.

    I think she knew she'd get noticed, especially considering it was a Jets game and she wore a short skirt and another low cut top. It's just not a good look when you're on the sidelines as a journalist, if that's what she wants to call herself.

    I just think it was a cheap publicity stunt and she should have been dressed like a professional, just like all of the other media members in attendance.

No. 1: Keeps Story Alive

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    It's a combination of everything.

    She's been tweeting about it, she's been going all over the media circuit, and not only that, she went to the Jets game that just happens to be on national TV and starts parading around the sidelines.

    Sainz took an unfortunate incident and turned it into her coming out party, and that's pretty shameless, if you ask me. Most women would be appalled that this happened to them, but she almost seems like she sees it as an opportunity to turn herself into a household name.

    Sainz has lost more and more sympathy with every move she's been making.