The Nexus : Rebels without a cause or the ultimate renegade of terror?

Steven SeeContributor ISeptember 15, 2010

The Nexus : rebels without a cause or the ultimate renegade of terror?
The Nexus : rebels without a cause or the ultimate renegade of terror?

“Behind the ruthless aggression and hostility, lies the very fabric that binds this notorious renegade …Teamwork, Unity, Comradeship

Under normal circumstances, a heel would feud with a face in scripted role-play that often centers on jealousy, hatred, conflict of interest, backstabbing, revenge, and rivalry… amongst other things.

However, the Nexus begs to differ.

This organized group of rebels had quickly established itself as a reckless fighting unit that can cause major collateral damage in their thug-like street gang attacks within a few weeks of formation.

Using their all too familiar trademark attack, akin to “a pack of wolves hungry for the kill”, the scourge of Nexus continues to make their presence felt, leaving an indelible mark of carnage (and chaos) in the wake of their WWE dominance.

They will attack whoever stands in their way in their quest to get to the top and seize every opportunity to do so whenever possible.

Following several of their sneaky ambush-assault tactics which they had vehemently (and consistently) executed without remorse, the immediate reaction from the WWE universe was of shock, utter disbelief and outrage.

Within a short period of time, Nexus had successfully made their statement of terror, in a seemingly tranquil PG era.

At the height of these attacks, there were numerous questions left unanswered which led to this article’s attempt in trying to make sense of the whole ruckus.

A short recap is in order to expose the truth and evidence left behind by this infamous group…


The Motives:-

Immediately after the finale of NXT season one, Wade Barrett was quick to form an allegiance of former rookies with the deliberate attempt of demanding working  contracts  from the WWE management for his cohorts to get into the fold.

It was apparent their first motive was to attract maximum attention of the WWE universe.

The incredible buzz in the IWC websites, media and forums that followed was testament to the attention given for this nefarious group because suddenly everyone was talking about Nexus, almost appearing like a worldwide wrestling phenomenon.

Head honcho /spokesman, Wade Barrett then sealed his leadership decree and briefly outlined the group’s devious plot to dominate RAW, with the threat that “whoever interferes will be dealt with severely, it’s either you’re Nexus or against us”.


The Hidden Agenda:-

Creating a shock wave was deemed the key to drive a message through and taking out the big guns of RAW ( John Cena )and WWE (Vince Mcmahon) were at the top of the hit list in their new found fame and conquest.

To this effect, it had indeed been the first of many hidden agendas that was successfully accomplished after their statement of dominance.

Soon, another hidden agenda was put in motion when they interrupted the MITB championship PPV match that saw Sheamus retaining his WWE belt.

Causing a furore in a Pay Per View was an agenda which was again achieved without much resistance.


The Mission :-

There is no doubt they intend to climb right to the top of the food chain and the target is not far from achievable.

To this extent, Nexus has been able to keep up the momentum even with the exile of Darren Young and an injured Skip Sheffield out of the picture.

It became obvious the infamous “bare knuckle fighter” Wade Barrett is given an immense push and who is now a likely candidate to wear a title belt soon.

Given the benefit of a doubt, Nexus is ostensibly one notorious setup that had gained considerable notoriety in the history of WWE. Most heels don’t even come close to the level they have achieved.

More fans are beginning to accept their intrusion and notably a paradigm shift had occurred in a relatively short span of time.

Is the Nexus simply an organization of rebels without a cause… or are they the ultimate renegade of terror?

Participate in the poll to find out what the majority of IWC thinks…the verdict, of course, rests with the reader.