American Feather advances to next round

Aaron Shearin@@pepperminthipoContributor IAugust 10, 2008

Raynell, Ray Ray, Williams advanced to the next round of 16 in the Olympic boxing competition.  Williams, competing in the Featherweight division, used his superior hand speed and agility to defeat Alissio di Savino of Italy.  Williams quickly outscored his opponent in the first round by a margin of 4-0 and opened his lead to 7-1 at the end of the second round.  di Savino having much less international experience was clearly out classed and failed use his jab to work his way in thus allowing Williams, a southpaw, to potshot the Italian with his quick left hand. With a comfortable lead Williams was a little reluctant to fully engage his opponent in the final two rounds.

Williams, from Cleveland, Ohio, will fight Khedafi Djelkhir of France in his next bout on Friday. Djelkhir advanced by besting Paul Fleming of Austria in possibly the most competitive and entertaining fight thus far.  Djelkhir and Fleming traded sevreal heated exchanges in the middle of the ring with little holding or clinching. It seems that Kjelkhir had Fleming hurt at one point causing the referee to issue a standing 8 count to Fleming.

The matchup between Williams and Kjelkhir will be a contrast of styles. Williams like to fight from the outside and use his long reach while Djelkhir is a master of effiecieny utilizing a compact and powerful punching style in close quarters.