HBK, The Legend

Rex FultsCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

I think that with how things are going with HBK's career we should look at everything he has done and been a part of.  The Heart Break Kid, The Show Stopper, The Main Event, and so much more has been with use for many years but could his time be up?  Shawn has been in many matches and has helped bring many wrestlers into the business.  He had two body guards who both became champions, Kevin Nash and Sid.  HBK was used in many matches to get them where they are today; The first Ladder match against Breat Hart "Hart won", The first Iron Man Match against Breat Hart, HBK winner and new WWE champion, first Hell in a Cell Match against Undertaker, HBK winner, and The most recent of matches Elimination Chamber, HBK winner and new World Champion.

HBK was also the former leader of one of DX, the men who did what they wanted, when they wanted, and however they wanted to.  HBK was also in the nWo when it was brought into WWE but that lasted about as long a beer at a frat house.  This man also has another title under his belt, the man who ended Ric Flairs career.  HBK did what he had to do and became the Main Event to win and do what he does best. 

With all of the injures HBk has; back, knee, and now his eye.  It is hard to say wither or not he will come back or not.  We will all have to wait until Summerslam when the rest of the world finds out.  I want him to come back and wrestle but like he said he has a family now and his children need a father more than the world needs HBK.

Either you love him or you hate him, you should all respect the main known as HBK.