Calvin Johnson Should Be Shot and Other NFL Week 1 Musings

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Calvin Johnson Should Be Shot and Other NFL Week 1 Musings
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No, Calvin Johnson shouldn't actually be shot.  Just beaten with a bat or some form of lead pipe, I guess.  Tire iron, maybe. Or some sort of 2x4 with nails, also a good option.

It's not that stupendously grotesque rule that cost Calvin and the Lions their rightful victory Sunday.  No, that hideous, vicious, twisted subversion of logic, reason, nature, truth, justice, and the American way should have never entered the frame of consciousness.

While that ridiculous, moronic, half-baked idea should be burned from the rule book and forever forgotten, it is a rule for now.

Take this instance from last season, when Louis Murphy made a catch that walked like a touchdown, swam like a touchdown, and quacked like a touchdown - and make sure to enjoy the conspiracy theorist Raiders fan/uploader showing a New England touchdown that could've been ruled an incompletion.

Some people never forget Paris and Raiders fans will never forget the "Tuck Game".  

Murphy's play was the more egregious case of the rulebook running wild and negating what was right.  Two feet down, ball secure...what wasn't a touchdown about that?  Same with Johnson, what wasn't a touchdown about that?  

But Johnson put himself in the situation, in the position for that rule to again rear it's ugly head when he left the ball on the ground.  At the end of his tumble, he put his hand down and let go of the ball and his fate, instead leaving a sure touchdown up to interpretation by bureaucratic nonsense. That is why Calvin takes more of the blame than the rule. 

Hold on to the ball for a second longer and drop it while standing up, or throw it into the stands and run bareass through the tunnel.  Anything would have been been a better idea than leaving the ball on the ground.

But that rule is still seven shades of stupid.

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