Ines Sainz Has To Leave The NY Jets Alone

Daniel DinunzioAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2010

The amount of controversy and publicity that Ines Sainz has brought to the New York Jets football organizations is unbelievable.  It is not in a positive light and all of the attention she has gathered this week needs to stop now.

As an NFL reporter going into a men's lockerroom there are of course going to be hoots and hollers.  That is a male's testosterone and hormones at work.  Assuming there is no physical abuse or harm, Sainz has to understand that what she wears and acts is going to be questioned.

The Jet's owner Woody Johnson has issued a public apology even though it is still unclear who exactly said what and why.  Sainz is a beat reporter who is widely known for her scandalous style and fashionable choice of attire.

The bigger issue here is that she never reported or filed a harassment claim with the NFL.  In response to the allegation and story the NFL sent out a memo to each and every NFL team reminding them about the policies and guidelines that pertain to reporters.

Meanwhile, Redskin running back Clinton Portin, still high off the win over the Dallas Cowboys, went on radio and clearly spoke his mind.  Portis referenced that men are going to speak their mind in-front of whoever is asking questions.  At the same time all men are naked and probably would have a couple of comments to make to a female reporter.

Darnell Dockett followed up the conflict with a tweet.  He went on to say if women can't handle the locker-room than to just stay out.  It was believed to be some type of sexist remark in reference to female reporters.

From what these players said and analysts all across the country have weighed in, Sainz has little journalism credibility and in hindsight is reporting because of how attractive she is.  It goes both ways and it is time for her to keep quiet and do her job.

Ines Sainz is notoriously known for using her looks as a way to enhance her reporting career.  The mexican reporter has been around the league for some time now, but this event has to be done and over with.

The NFL is investigating and Sainz, as part of Azteca TV,needs to move on.  There has been far too much attention over this isolated incident with Jets.

Now the Jets are 0-1, and take on New England this weekend.  The print media did make a big deal out of this, but even Sainz was surprised by the coverage that was brought about by this locker-room visit.

With the facts in place, everybody should get back to business as usual.  NFL Week 2 is on the horizon.