The Unification Of The WWE Women's and Divas Championships: Should It Be Done?

Doreen Hines@DoreenH1989Contributor ISeptember 14, 2010

Hey Bleacher Report, it's me again, and I'm back with another article.

As we all know, Night of Champions is right around the corner, and at the annual Pay-Per-View, we will be seeing the second title unification in two years with the WWE Women's and Divas Titles. Rather its Michelle McCool, Layla, or Melina that walk out of Night of Champions as the first-ever Unified WWE Women's Champion, this is not what this article is about. It's about the pros and cons of unifying of the titles. While everyone else was jumping up and down in excitement over the news, I was greatly disappointed and did not enjoy the remainder of the 900th episode of Raw because of this. Why retire a championship that's only just been introduced two short years ago? It makes no sense. Now rumors have swirling since the announcement that the WWE will be unifying all of its championships come WrestleMania 27 next spring. Rather or not this is true remains to be seen, so as of right now I'm going to regard it as a rumor. It's worth noting though that people were saying this exact same thing when the tag titles were unified last year. And yet here we are a year and a half later, and we still have two world titles and two secondary titles. Exactly, don't believe everything you read people! Lets go over some valid points in regards to rather or not the women's and divas championships should be unified.


1. There are 15 WWE Divas on the roster; 21 if you count the Rookie Divas of NXT.



Like with the men, the divas have their own set of main eventers, mid-carders, and lower carders. Melina, Michelle, and Beth are the main eventers, with the all the rest being mid-carders, save Rosa and Tamina. Having two belts allows fresh competition to step up to the plate. Having one belt is gonna be more of the same. Melina, Michelle, Beth, wash, rinse, repeat. Just like with the guys and the WWE title. John Cena, Edge, Triple H, wash, rinse, repeat. At least with the Divas title you have some variety. Granted, that doesn't mean every diva on the roster needs the belt, but still. It won't be more or less of the same.


2. Make the Divas Championship a secondary title.


If the WWE is indeed unifying all their titles and getting rid of the brand extension, both women's titles could still work in a one-brand environment. Make the Divas title the IC/US title of the Divas division.

Everyone knows the Women's title is the #1 belt, and that's the way its booked. If you look at the way the Divas title has been booked since its inception, you'll notice that very few established divas have held it. It's been more of a rookie belt. More rookies have held the Divas title than the Women's title since the championship was introduced. I say keep it this way, and use the Divas title as a stepping stone to the Women's title.


I honestly can't think of any other reasons why they shouldn't be unified, but I can't think of anymore cons either. Tell me what you all think and I'll add to this. Comment away bleachers!