Naughty Nicknames Nobody Knows Need Noting: NFL All-Teams Addition (Humor)

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Naughty Nicknames Nobody Knows Need Noting: NFL All-Teams Addition (Humor)
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Seen on various team blogs have been the following naughty but not always nice nicknames.

Going team by team starting with the NFC East...

Cowboys-Cowgirls, Pokes, CowPies, America's Scream, CowPatties

Giants-Midgets, Jints, Gay-ants

Eagles-Boo Birds, Beagles, Reid's Retards

Redskins-Skins, Portis' Poop-turds

Vikings-Vi-Queens, CryKings, Gay Queens, The Clueless Bunch

Packers-Whackers, Whackos, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood

Bears-Bares, Cubs, Cutler's Clueless Cuties


Saints-Ain'ts, Tain'ts

Falcons-Boo Birds, Dirty Birds, Screw Birds, Vultures

Panthers-Kittens, Fluffies

Bucs-Buckies, Buc an' Ears

Cardinals-Boo Birds, Cards-in-A**, Leinhart's Lame-os, Buzzards

49ers-Niners, Ninners, San Fransisco Treats, Bay City Bombers

Seahawks-Boo Birds, Sea-Squawks, Hawks, Hacks

Rams-Greatest Show on Smurf, Sheep

Patriots-Patsies, Patsys, Cheatriots, Brady Bunch

Dolphins-Dull-phins, Awl-fins, Phish, The Sparanos

Jets-Wets, Pets, Jetsies, Not Yets, Jests, Pests

Bills-Jills, Buffaloes, Kills

Ravens-Boo Birds, Nevermores, Ball-mer Bums

Bengals-Bungles, BenGals, GayGals, Kitties

Steelers-Stillers, Stupid-ers, The Pitts, Steel A**Wipes

Browns-Dawg Pound, DogS*** Pound, Brownies

Texans-The Other Texas Team, Vexans

Colts-Dolts, Ponies, Horses, Horses A**es

Titans-Midgets, GayTans

Jaguars-Kitties, Fluffies, Jag-U-Aints

Chargers-Bolts, RiversDancers, Norv's Nothings

Raiders-Gayders, Davis's Dimwits

Chiefs-Good Griefs

Broncos-Broncs, Horses, Mile High Headaches, McDoofus's


Any other suggestions?

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