Top 10 Wacky Promo Jerseys

Kyle W. BrownContributor IISeptember 14, 2010

For some reason, sports teams always feel like hosting special promo days at the park or the rink will somehow attract new fans...or something.

Some days it's an actual holiday such as New Year's or St. Valentine's Day, other times it's just a random idea such as "Turn Ahead The Clock Night," and sometimes I just don't know what the idea was.

So, as such, and keeping with jersey month here at MWS, here's a look at ten of the wackiest promo jerseys we've ever seen. I realize that the majority of them are hockey, but hockey uniforms have the biggest canvas for designers to play around with, so that was bound to happen I guess.

10. Boston Red Sox (MLB) - St. Patrick's Day

As you will see, this list features mostly minor league teams, as they have a little more freedom.

That being said, even the big league teams can't fully escape the ideas of bad jerseys. Wearing a St. Pat's jersey on the actual day during Spring Training, sure. Re-wearing it during the regular season, and the Sox come out looking like Christmas elves.

(Photo belongs to UniWatchBlog)

9. Alaska Aces (ECHL) - New Year's Eve
As I said in the intro, some teams feel (for some reason) obligated to wear special jerseys for holidays. For New Year's Eve, the Aces decided that they would wear tuxedo-style jerseys.
It's an idea that's been done by a couple of other teams, even the Phillies minor-league team has taken it to baseball, but it's still a weird look for pro athletes to wear.

(Photo belongs to Icethetics)

8. Montreal Canadiens - 100th Anniversary
The Habs are one of the Original Six franchises, and have always kept to their traditional jersey look and colours, which work quite well for the team.
In honour of their 100th anniversary, however, they decided to rock some real old-school jerseys, rocking the classic barber-pole look. This jersey has been widely criticized by many, but, well, personally I quite like it.

(Photo belongs to Icethetics)

7. Quad City Mallards (CHL) - Police Appreciation Night
This jersey worn by the Central Hockey League's Mallards was to honour the local police force. It's a pretty neat idea, and though the jersey wasn't really spot on, it's not awful.
It sees the players rocking old school sheriff jerseys that you'd expect to see in the Wild West somewhere. Overall it's a rather fun jersey.


(Photo belongs to

6. Jorge Campos - Aztec Patriotism?
During the 1990 and 1994 FIFA World Cups, Mexican keeper Jorge Campos could often be found sporting different and interesting goalie jerseys.
This one, according to several message boards, is in homage to the Aztec history of Mexico. I didn't really know that neon colours and jagged shapes resembled the Aztec people, but I guess they do.

(Photo belongs to BigSoccer)

5. Major League Baseball - Turn Ahead The Clock Nights
This was an interesting idea by MLB that had potential for some success, but ultimately faltered. The idea started as a promotion by the Mariners for a game against the Royals, which saw the teams and umps wear future uniforms, the outfield ads futurized, and team banners across the stadium include teams from Pluto & Mercury. (Also note in the photo that the backwards hat was part of the Mariners uniform.)

(Photo belongs to UniWatchBlog)

That went on to span a whole slew of games sponsored by Century 21 in the 1999 season, of what teams were supposed to look like in the year 2021.
All but eight teams (smart) participated, giving us a slew of weird uniforms to look at. Such as these from the Brewers and Pirates. And yep, that is a giant beer barrel just mashing for the Brewers.

(Photo: UniWatchBlog)

(Photo: UniWatchBlog)


4. Kingston Frontenacs (OHL) - Military Night
These jerseys are just plain weird. For the Frontenacs Military Night, they decided to have their jersey replicate the suits of who other than Canada's biggest supporter of Canadian troops than Don Cherry.
For the event, the team wore plaid, complete with a tie and a poppy.

(Photo belongs to Deadspin)

On a related note, but one that didn't make the list, the Milwaukee Admirals (AHL) honoured Bob Uecker a couple years back with this other plaid monstrosity.

(Photo belongs to Icethetics)

3. Fresno Grizzlies (PCL-AAA) - Price is Right Day
The Giants triple-A affiliate wore these Price is Right themed jerseys on a day that (presumably) saw tons of giveaways and chances to win lots of prizes.
Of all the weird promotions on this list, these may have been the simplest jerseys and therefore some of the best. They feature a bright yellow nametag on the front (like in the show), and have the infamous dollar sign logo that the show has splattered across the jersey.

(Photo belongs to FanIQ)

2. Kalamazoo Wings (ECHL) - McDonalds' Golden Ice Night
This was a night sponsored by McDonalds, to help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House charity. As part of it, they painted the ice yellow...let that sink in, then they made the players wear Ronald themed uniforms...and now let that sink in.
Apparently, according to the press release, the team was forced to wear McDonald's themed warm-up jerseys all-season long, as well. Yikes.

(Photo belongs to Icethetics)



1. Bakersfield Condors & Las Vegas Wranglers (ECHL) - Rod Blagojevich Night
Rod Blagojevich was honoured at a game between the Condors and the Wranglers, and they looked badass doing it. The Condors sported the orange jumpsuit look, while the Wranglers rocked black and white jailstripes.
Even the refs got in on the action wearing prison guard style uniforms. A very very cool look for a promo night, and one that actually worked well.

(Photo belongs to Bakersfield Condors)
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