Did Hardcore Wrestling Die With the New Millennium?

brian kellyCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

I am sick to death with hearing that hardcore wrestling died with the new millennium.

The powers that be or the executives of wrestling companies—mainly WWE—say that the old ECW-type wrestling, meaning hardcore wrestling, is a thing of the past. They say that fans dont' want that anymore. 

I don't know who they are talking to, but people, I've spoken to would love to have that type of wrestling back because this current wrestling is stale and boring. 

It's not that the fans don't want it, it's that they don't want it—they being the WWE head guys.  What's surprising to me is that Vince McMahon loves money, yet he won't give the fans—who are the reason he is a billionaire—what they want. 

He did that whole "fan appreciation night" where he gave away money.  If he wants to appreciate the fans, give them what they ask for.  Give us better storylines, give us the true ECW and stop cramming this garbage down our throats.

I've also read people saying that the new ECW is a launching pad for new talent.  I'm all for giving wrestlers a chance to show their talents, but don't use the ECW name for that.  Bring back Sunday Night Heat or Velocity so guys could show off their talents.  Don't taint the ECW name any more.