San Francisco 49ers Fire Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye

Pacifica SlugContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

San Francisco 49ers Fire Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye

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    San francisco 49ers former OC Jimmy RayeNFL Photos/Getty Images

    The San Francisco 49ers fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye today.  The act follows three weeks of frustration and futility from the 49ers offense.  

    The San Jose Mercury is reporting that The 49ers cut ties today with the venerable coordinator due to disagreements over offensive philosophy with head coach Mike Singletary.

Mike Johnson, Former QB Coach For The 49ers To Get Shot at OC

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    New 49ers OC Mike Johnson is reporting that quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson is to take over the OC role.  Mike Johnson is in his second season with the 49ers after being named the quarterbacks coach on February 6, 2009.  Other sources have noted that Johnson has been groomed for the OC spot and that this is just an early progression.

    Little is generally known about the coach who attended college in Akron.  He did have moderate success developing Shaun Hill and help Alex Smith to the ten best games of his career.

    Promoting Johnson will help smooth a transition that the 49ers are all to familiar with.  This will be Smith's sixth coordinator with the 49ers.  As long as they keep the same system in place, they will avoid the issues of learning a new offense again.  Something that most have intimated, has hampered Smith's development.

What To Expect As 49ers Travel To The Atlanta Falcons

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    Tough times for a projected division winnerOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    As the 49ers travel to Atlanta this week to take on the very solid Falcons, Mike Singletary must be wondering when he will catch a break to take off some pressure.

    One has to wonder what sort of pressure he is getting from management starting 0-3 with a team most picked to win the division and at least nine games this season.

    Nine wins seem very far away if the team goes 0-4 this week.  This would mean the team would have to go 9-4 the rest of the way to hit the mark most think they need to win the NFC West.

    Kudos for Singletary sensing that his team needed a change.  I got the same feeling on Sunday watching the team.  I sensed a frustration from the players on both sides of the ball.  the 49ers were out coached in all aspects of the game.  I doubt that Jed York will pull the string on Singletary during the season, but letting the OC go will protect Singletary from the ax in the off-season as long as he wins the majority of games going forward.


    Tune in 49er fans, this season just got real a bad way.