Chomping at the Bit: What Florida WR Chris Rainey's Arrest Means for SEC Opener

Joe MorganSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2010

Chomping at the Bit: What Florida WR Chris Rainey's Arrest Means For SEC Opener

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    Chomping at the Bit is Joe Morgan's weekly take on Florida Gators football. This series will consist of reactions to the current season, as well as any other Gator news.

    (Who am I kidding? The Chris Rainey story is on the next slide!)

    Current Record: 2-0

    Where They Rank: No. 10

    Where They Should Be Ranked: No. 12

    Next Game: Sept. 18, Tennessee

    Previous Game Recap: With a dominant performance in the second half, the Florida Gators defeated the South Florida Bulls 38-14 Saturday.

    Junior running back Jeff Demps was the star of the day, racking up a career-high 139 rushing yards and totaling 255 all-purpose yards for Florida.

    The Gator offense showed significant improvement against the Bulls and hopes to continue making good strides against the Tennessee Volunteers in their SEC opener this weekend.

Chris Rainey Arrested On Stalking Charges

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    According to The Gainesville Sun, redshirt junior wide receiver Chris Rainey was arrested on a stalking charge early this morning.

    He was released several hours later and there is no word from Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer on what sort of discipline Rainey will receive from the team.

    This situation makes Rainey sound hypocritical and it has the potential to really hurt his teammates, especially as the Gators prepare for their SEC opener with Tennessee.

    During the preseason, Rainey boldly said the following in regards to the attitudes of some of his former teammates:

    "I guess we got rid of the prima donnas—all the selfish cats. That's probably it right there. Guys who were worried about themselves or worried about trying to get to the NFL."

    While I won't comment on the specifics of his arrest because I do not know the entire story, just becoming involved in a troubling situation like this makes Rainey a "selfish cat."

    Rainey is a team leader and to see him lose control of himself and do something stupid is a bad example for his younger teammates.

    It's just disappointing to see a guy like Rainey "worry about himself" and not take the possible repercussions of his actions into consideration. 

Will Hill To Return This Week?

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    According to Robbie Andreu of The Gainesville SunUrban Meyer "indicated" that junior safety Will Hill is expected to return to practice this week.

    However, when Andreu asked Ahmad Black about Hill's return, the senior captain had a confused look on his face and gave the always-informative "no comment."

    So, what's going on here?

    When Hill admitted to taking some plays off last season, I took that as a sign that he had turned a corner and was prepared to work hard and become a key player for the Gators, but apparently, that wasn't the case.

    All I know is that Hill better hurry up and get back because based on the secondary's performance so far this season (eight interceptions), the hard-hitting junior isn't missed very much.

    Hill is a great playmaker and I would love to see him on the field for the Gators, but he jeopardize the secondary's chemistry and rhythm if he doesn't get his act together and get back on the field.

Gators Fall In AP Poll Again

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    While the polls only matter at the end of the season, the ranking fluctuations of each team in the Top 25 are always interesting.

    The Florida Gators started the season ranked No. 4 in the AP Poll, dropped four spots to No. 8 after an ugly 34-12 victory over Miami (OH), and then dropped to No. 10 after their 38-14 win over South Florida.

    So, according to the polls, the Gators are becoming progressively worse from week-to-week.

    On the contrary, I say they are getting better, especially considering the fact that the Gators had zero fumbles and 251 rushing yards against the Bulls, as opposed to three fumbles and only 99 rushing yards against the RedHawks.

    So, in a nutshell, the polls don't matter right now, but they're fun to look at.

Jeff Demps: We Can Be a "Smash-Mouth" Team

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    Despite standing at 5' 8" and weighing only 190 lbs., junior running back Jeff Demps does not shy away contact.

    While he is arguably the most dangerous open-field runner in college football, Demps also wants to prove his worth running between the tackles and believes he and his fellow running backs can be productive in that style.

    Here's what Demps said to Rachel George of the Orlando Sentinel.

    "A blue-collar offense is kind of like a smash- mouth team, I guess, and from time to time, we can be a smash-mouth football team because that's what we're based on, toughness. I think we're good. That game [against USF] there was eye-opening and let us know that we still have it."

    For best results, the Gators should have senior running back Emmanuel Moody be the "smash-mouth" ball carrier and try to get Demps the ball in space.

    However, if Demps is determined and can provide consistent yards and stay healthy running between the tackles, more power to him.

Tim Tebow's Uneventful Pro Debut

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    As you all know, Tim Tebow made his NFL debut for the Denver Broncos in a 24-17 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field in Jacksonville Sunday.

    The most popular rookie in the NFL registered two carries for two yards, making Sunday's contest a very underwhelming experience for all of the Gator fans clamoring to see Tebow (myself included).

    Columnist Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel wrote a very good and funny column about Tebow's debut and I invite you to read it and be entertained as well.

    Hopefully, Tebow will play much more in the Broncos' next 15 games and there will be much more to talk about.

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