Fish's Picks Week 2

Caleb FishContributor ISeptember 17, 2010

Fish's Picks Week 2

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    In Fish's Picks i will go in depth of every National Football League game, game by game and week by week. There will be a Caleb's upset pick of the week, were I will pick the team I feel will upset another team that is the favorite to win. I will show my record week by week one accumulating from past weeks and another from the week before. Furthermore, I will predict who I think will be player of the week, and player of the game for individual slides. I will also post a poll letting people vote for who they think will be player of the week.

    Thank you for reading, S.W. Caleb J. Fish

Buffalo @ Green Bay

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    First of all Buffalo is in a rebuilding stage and aren't quite in the process of being able to get wins. On the other hand Green Bay is a Super Bowl contender and have a very good quarterback which the Bills do not have. Packers win this game by at least 2 touchdowns. My guess is Packers win 31-13.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati

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    This game has a chance to be a very very good game, which I think it will be. Both teams have very stout defenses. The Ravens have the advantage on defense, but the Bengals have the advantage on offense. The Ravens do have a good offense, but  The Bengals is better when Carson Palmer decides he's going to throw to anyone else but Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco. I feel the Ravens defense win this game by a score of 20-17.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

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    This game is not intriguing at all. However, there is still question as to if Matt Moore, the Panthers quarterback will play. Regardless if Moore plays the Panthers win 34-10.

Kansas City @ Cleveland

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    Both of these teams played well last week. The Chiefs pass offense was now-where to be found but that will change this week. The Browns played well on offense last week, had a few mistakes but I think they will be corrected in time. Chiefs start this season 2-0 by winning this game 17-13.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

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    Pittsburgh is not a good team. They should not have one their game last week at Atlanta. I do not believe Dennis Dixon is a very good quarterback at all and their defense is sketchy. Furthermore, the Tennessee Titans did look very good last week, Vince Young put up some good number going 13-17 with 2 touchdowns passing as well as having a good game by Chris Johnson. The Titans are a solid team they win this game 27-16.

Chicago @ Dallas

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    The Dallas Cowboys offense struggled to put up points against the Washington Redskins in week 1. Da Bears did not struggle to put up points against the Detroit Lions week 1. I could see this game being a high scoring game but in the end the Cowboys will win 24-23.

Arizona @ Atlanta

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    I like both of these teams, but the Atlanta Falcons are a better team overall. Falcons win 14-7.

Philadelphia @ Detroit

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    Without Matthew Stafford I don't think the Detroit Lions are a solid team. Shaun Hill isn't a winning quarterback in the National Football League. Michael Vick is starting for the Eagles and I feel he can carry this team to victory. Eagles win 20-12.

Miami @ Minnesota

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    The Minnesota Vikings will want this game more in the end. Ronnie Brown is a great running back but the Vikings rush defense is great too. The Vikings had a tough loss last week that they are still mad about and the Dolphins aren't as good of a team all around to win this game, my Vikings win 31-24.

Seattle @ Denver

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    The Seattle Seahawks played well last week against a good defense that is San Fransisco. The Denver Broncos didn't look that sharp and i'm still not convinced that Kyle Orton is a NFL elite quarterback. I  have Seattle winning this game 27-17.

St. Louis @ Oakland

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    Lets face it Oakland is still Oakland. St. Louis played pretty well last week and I think Sam Bradford is the right quarterback for this team. I'm taking the upset with St. Louis defeating Oakland 13-3.

Houston @ Washington

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    Washington didn't play well offensively week 1 and the Houston Texans didn't pass well week 1. I feel this will be Matt Schaub's breakout game of this year and if Arian Foster can have a decent game Houston can win this game. I think that Washington just doesn't have an offense going right now and Houston wins the game 34-17.

New England @ NYJ

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    The Jets offense was non existent in week 1 against a very good Baltimore Ravens defense and that will continue into this week. The Patriots offense is to good with Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Patriots defense also helps win this game 23-11....yes i am predicting a safety.

Jacksonville @ San Diego

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    The Chargers had a tough week but will bounce back this week with a very convincing win over the Jaguars. Chargers win 27-14.

NYG @ Indianapolis

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    Manning vs. Manning. I pick Peyton and I always will. He is a great quarterback. The Colts Bob Sanders is out indefinitely and that still doesn't matter because the Colts have Peyton Manning. Colts win 21-17.

New Orleans @ San Fransisco...Upset of The Week

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    I pick the 49ers in this game because they are grinding after last weeks tough loss. The New Orleans Saints haven't started 2-0 in straight seasons and that will continue this year. 49ers win 20-16.