Don't Speak Americano: Top 10 Non-North American Wrestlers

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Don't Speak Americano: Top 10 Non-North American Wrestlers

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    The following slideshow consists of the greatest wrestles who entered the North American circuit from foreign countries. 

    Pleas note that Canada and Mexico are void from this list because as we all no they are in North America, so please no,why didn't Eddie Guerrero or Bret Hart make this list. Also wrestlers have to born in their respective countries to make this list therefore the Rock is absent from this list as he was born in Florida.

    Thank you for wathing and feel free to comment below.

Honorable Mentions:

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    Kofi Kingston: Ghana

    Tony Garea: New Zealand

    Nathan Jones: Australia

    Tajiri: Japan

    Carlito: Puerto Rico

    Khali: India

    William Regal: Englan

    Finlay: Ireland

    Sheamus: Ireland

    Giant Gonzalez: Argentina

    Taka: Japan

    Funaki: Japan

Haku: Tonga

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    No list is complete without the Tonga Prince Haku. 

    Haku was a major force in the late 80's throughout the mid 90's. He was noted as one of the most brutish and toughest men in the business today.

    When reporters asked the likes of Hogan, Diesel, Undertaker, Goldberg, Bret Hart and others who they felt was the toughest man in the wrestling world is, they all replied "Meng/Haku"

    Although humble at heart, if you crossed the big man you had to be prepared to get your nose or eye literally ripped of your face. Jimmy Jack Funk is proof of this.

    He along with Andre The giant won the tag team titles in the WWE, under the tag name The Colossal Connection, without a doubt one of the most powerful tag teams in the history of the WWE.

    Although he never won much championships during his tenure as a wrestler, he did however create some of the biggest moments and stories that will never be forgotten until the end of time.

Nikolai Volkoff: Croatia

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    Another wrestling great, Koloff was a huge star back in the 80's where he was billed as a Anti-American wrestler who despised anything and anyone who was American. Some antics he use to cause was singing the Russian National Anthem in front of a sell out American Crowd straight after the Cold War ended.

    Koloff was an exceptional wrestler and performer underrated if anything, he was instrumental to the success of the Golden Era of wrestling, when he teamed up with Iron Sheik, they became the most hated men in wrestling but the crowd loved it.

British Bulldog: Great Britain

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    You dont get any bigger then Davey Boy Smith or The British Bulldog.

    One of the most talented and powerful men to ever grace the sport of professional wrestling. He was adored by many and hated by most, due to his ties with the Hart Foundation. He is a former IC, Tag and Hardcore Champion, he had one of the most emotional yet 5 star matches in the history of the WWE, when he took on Bret Hart for the IC Championship in Wembley England, in which he defeated Bret to win his first ever singles title.

    Although he was never really given the opportunity to reach his full potential, Davey will always be remembered for his great matches and his god like strength.

Afa & Sika: Samoa

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    Afa and Sika or the Wild Samoans are regarded by many as true legends of the sport. They are former WWE Tag Team Champions and the first Samoans to hold the prestigious belts. 

    As well as great in ring performers they were also legendary trainers who helped many wrestlers today including Batista. 

    Afa and Sika are part of the infamous Anoai family which include some of the greatest wrestlers ever to enter the squared circle, such as The Rock, Rikishi, Umaga, YOkozuna and others.

Dynamite Kid: Great Britain

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    Davey Boy may have had the power and the strenght but his cousin the Kid was regarded by many including Bret Hart as the greatest singles wrestler ever to grace the squared circle, that coming from the Best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be surely must mean a great deal.

    The Late Chris Benoit and Owen Hart molded their wrestling abilities from The Kid as the cite him as a true inspiration to their wrestling lives

    With such a reputable reputation i only hope that Davey along with The Kid get inducted in the HOF in the future as true icons and pioneers of the sport.

Jimmy Superfly Snuka: Fiji

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    Jimmy Snuka was born in the great islands of Fiji, he is one of the most charismatic and energetic wrestlers of all time. He is regarded as the original high flyer of the WWE. 

    During his cage match with Don Muraco, Snuka sis the unthinkable at the time, he jumped of the 15ft Steel Cage and frog splashed his way to victory. Many site this day as a true turning point in their lives i.e. Mick Foley who stated after he saw Jimmy Fly he knew then that he wanted to become a professional wrestler.

    He is arguably the greatest wrestler to never become the WWE Champion.

Ultimo Dragon: Japan

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    Behind Jushin Liger, ultimo Dragon is regarded as the greatest cruiserweight ever.

    He has held 12 championships at once showcasing to the world just how great he truly he is. He signed with the WWE for one year as it was his dream to have wrestled in at least one Wrestlemania. In this time he along with Rey and Tajiri had some of the most finest moments of wrestling the world has ever seen.

    Tajiri maybe the Japanese Buzzsaw but the Dragon is the a Japanese innovator, he has created some of the most spectacular moves  that wrestlers including Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio still use today i.e. Asai Moonsault.

Iron Sheik: Iran

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    Iron Sheik is the first Iranian or man from Asia to hold the WWE Championship. Sheik is credited as the original suplex machine, along with camel clutch Sheik was an unstoppable force in the 80's. With amazing upper body strength there was no toppling the big man over. He also won the tag team championships with Nikolai Volkoff.

    He is credited also for kick starting Hulk Hogans career as he lost his WWE title to the Hulkster and being the most hated man in the business at the time it was only natural for Hogan to become the greatest wrestler afterwards.

Bruno Sammartino: Italy

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    The Longest reigning WWE Champion is also one of the greatest wrestlers ever to set foot in a wrestling ring. 

    His amazing power and strength allowed him to hold onto the title for several glorious years a time in which saw him break the Madison Square Garden Record for a single individual selling out the Garden more times then any other individual or sport. He has defeated the likes of Backlund, Ventura, BOBO Brazil and class of other great performers.

Andre The Giant: France

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    It is only natural that the man from France or th 8th wonder of the world Andre the Giant is regarded as the greatest Foreign import to ever hit the North American Market.

    Andre was a beast in the ring but a gentle giant outside, he hold the record for the longest undefeated streak (15yrs) in the history of the WWE and world wrestling. He along with Savage and Hogan created what we no today as Wrestlemania, they were true pioneers of the sport and he he mainly helped take the industry to new height as it was because of his height and character people from all over the world would come and watch the 7ft + giant take on the world.

    Andre was the first man to ever be inducted into the WWE HOF, if not for Andre i assure the sport would not be as glamorous as it is today.