Nascar is ruining the Sport, plus how has Kyle Busch become so dominant?

SteveCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

How has Kyle Busch become a dominant force in Nascar this year? He has 8 wins in the Sprint Cup Series, 6 wins in the Nationwide Series, and 2 wins in the Craftsman Truck Series. This all coming in a Toyota, which didn't win a race in the Sprint Cup Series a year ago. Toyota's have been the dominant force in the Craftsman Truck Series for a few years now, but to go from not winning a race to winning the majority of the races should raise some eyebrows. Kyle Busch raced for Hendrick Motorsports last season and only won 1 race.

Nascar has already done something about the engines in the Nationwide Series, but nothing to the Cup Series engines. I believe that Toyota has done something to make their engines better then the competition, in an illegal way. Busch's teammates Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin have won a total of 8 Nationwide races, but only Hamlin has won a Cup Series race this season.

Nascar has to do something to even out the competition. I have become tired of watching the same guy winning every week. I am also mad at Nascar for bringing in that Chase which takes the whole point of auto racing away from the Cup Series. If it hadn't been for the Chase Jeff Gordon who drives for Hendrick Motorsports would be a 6 time Cup Series Champion, he would have won in 2004 and 2007 championships if it hadn't been for the chase. 

Another issue I have with Nascar is the green-white-checkered finish. A couple years ago they implemented it so that the fans could see the race end under green conditions, but they only allow one chance at it, which if a car spins or any other kind of thing that can cause a caution happens then the race ends the race under caution, which is a isn't much fun to watch. I believe that if Dale Earnhardt Sr. was still alive today that there would be no chase and that the green-white-checkered would have to end under green.