Results from Last Nights Ring Of Honor: 9/13/10 Glory By Honor Aftermath!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 14, 2010

The show starts an Austin Aries promo that will lead into the lumberjack match later on

 Chris Daniels beat Rhett Titus with Austin Aries

Daniels takes control to start this one off.  Things would change after solid dropkick from Titus to Daniels that knocked him to the outside; this would give Titus the edge for the moment. They would go back and forth for a bit until Daniels nails solid STO.

This would be followed by a Hurricanranna and Koji Clutch, but the ref misses the tap out. Titus would scrape up a little more offense, but that didn’t last too long. Daniels throws him into Austin, and then gets in the B.M.F for the win.

House of Truth with Truth Martini beat Ricky Reyes and Aiden Chambers

This was a short match, with H.o.T getting the double team for the springboard moonsaults. Reyes makes the tag for some quick and effective on Josh Raymond. He would score a near fall after a suplex. Chambers gets the tag from Reyes, but Christian Abel is also tagged in. H.o.T would pick up the win after hitting their finisher.

We get clip from the PPV with Davey Richards telling Jim Cornette and the fans that he is not retiring.

American Wolves def. Super Smash Brothers

Uno starts off with the power to gain control to Richards. SSB takes to the air to take out the Wolves. Uno would Eddie Edwards off the apron, to give the Wolves control. Richards would hit nice drop kick on Uno after that.

 Edwards takes to the boot and stomps Uno in the back. Uno and Richards exchange blows before Richards nails him with a kick. Richards follows this up with a forearm, but he gets greedy and pays for it after Uno nails him to the mat.

 Dos gets in, but is double-teamed by the Wolves. He eventually takes control, and Edwards gets hit with the low bridge which leads to moonsault. SSB also gets in a nice double team blockbuster.

The Wolves regain control after SSB leaves an opening. Edwards would take advantage with a kick to the face on Dos. They would exchange more blows until Richards hits him with an Alarm Clock. After some flashy Offense by Dos SSB would regain control again in this match.

They would get a near fall after Richards had his foot held down by Uno. The wolfs would regain control once again though. They would nail nice backbreaker for a near fall. Edwards would finally seal the deal after locking on his Achilles to get the tap.

We see some highlights showing the history between Delirious and Aries.

Austin Aries beat Delirious in a Lumberjack match

Delirious charges Aries after the bell, but Aries catches him. Aries takes to the offense and lands on some solid power offense. Delirious gets in a quick hit and Aries bails outside. The lumberjacks do nothing to Aries while outside.

 Aries tries to get back in, but he gets a dropkick for his troubles. Aries would finally take control after clawing his way back into the match. He would put Delirious in situation where he might have to tap out, but he refuses to do so.

Aries flips Delirious over unto the apron and then knock him into the lumberjacks. Aries follows this up with a Heat-Seeking Missile. Delirious makes a comeback after he hits swinging neckbreaker. Aries tries to bail outside again but Grizzly Redwood throws him back in.

Aries looks to almost be done after a Cobra Suplex from Delirious. Aries hangs in though and bails outside. Delirious goes on the attack and nails everyone after a somersault. The lumberjacks have had enough and everyone starts to brawl.

Titus would then sneak in and drop a hard knee to the throat of Delirious. Aries would take advantage and drop him on his shoulder throat first to get the win.

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