"Not Your Call".

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IAugust 10, 2008

I have said this many times in my hockey career,.I do not think it is in the best interest of the player's well being,when they do not have the say of who their leader is,. "C".

If you think about it for a minute,.the guy wearing the "C" is the guy I go to if I have issues or problems,.maybe with Management.

Yes, I do understand there are Player Rep's,.but the guy with the "C" - "IS YOUR HANDS ON LEADER".

I also look at it this way,.maybe the guy the Management want,is a little bit soft,or maybe a yes man.

You would not want the company picking your "Union Stewart",.I don't think.

Most of your players that have a vote on who they want as a "Captain",. is someone they trust,have faith in,can lead,..and have respect for,.but it is a vote,.a person you work with and live with just about every day.

"Cliff,.you would be very wise I think, in letting the players choose their leader,.."YOU CHOOSE THE TEAM".