Can I Have Your Attention Please: JUST TELL US WHO YOU ARE ALREADY GM!!!!!!!!!

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2010

 We have all seen the lights flash, heard that annoying beep, and saw Michael Cole get up from his seat. At first we were all into it. All the questions as to who it could be and the guessing game. Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold, Vince McMahon, even Goldberg were just a few who were thought to be the new GM of Raw.

 As we saw tonight on Raw apparently we are not the only ones upset about how long this mysterious GM thing has gone. This is not someone running over Austin and trying to find out who it is. That was a cool storyline that had everyone (including me) guessing wrong on it.

 As most of the who done it, and who is it storylines go most have kept us on the edge of our seats always telling ourselves " I bet they will tell us next week" and actually believing it. The worst part about all of this is that the actual GM is probably gonna make us all say  wow it was him  that is stupid.

 This one, however, has gone on for far too long with no actual guess becoming kind of accurate. When a storyline goes on and even the superstars get upset over it you gotta know it is time to just pick someone and get on with it because now it is just getting annoying.

 So to WWE, please I am begging you, just grow a pair and pick someone already if you have not done so.