Tom Brady in Toyland

Joe GillCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2010

Tommy has his share of toys to play with.
Tommy has his share of toys to play with.

Remember when you were little and you couldn’t wait to run downstairs on Christmas morning and see all your toys?

I bet Tom Brady feels like that every game day morning.

Look at all the toys he has in his possession.

Some are old friends like your favorite teddy bear. They are always there for you and you can always rely on them.

Sounds a lot like Kevin Faulk, Wes Welker and Randy Moss.

Others are those slick new race cars or big shiny dump trucks like Brandon Tate, Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski.

When does one have time to play with them all?

Well, Tom Brady emptied his whole toy chest against the Bengals this past Sunday when he connected with seven different receivers.

He spread the field.

Cincinnati didn’t know where he would go next.

One of Brady’s friends lost some stuffing last season, but he couldn’t bear to throw away him.

He would hope they could put his toy back together again.

And the human slot machine, Welker, came back as good as before. He caught eight passes for 64 yards and two touchdowns. He showed no ill effects of ann big bad boo boo.


Tommy also found time to take the shrink wrap off Gronk the Truck, Aaron the Gator, and Speedy Tate. He wasn’t sure what he would get out of his new playthings, but they didn’t disappoint.

They combined for six catches for 82-yards and a score.

The Freak, Moss, and Mr. Third Down Faulk all helped Tommy have a great day playing in the New England autumn sun.

Brady had a field day against the tigers from Cincy. They were no match for his toy chest full of sure handed speedy friends.

A lot of the kids around the league are going to be jealous of his assortment of trinkets.

Defensive bullies are going to try to take Tommy’s toys away.

But if you take one of Brady’s favorite playmates away, he will just find another to play catch with.

That’s why many try to be Brady, but no one succeeds.

Not even little Peyton.


Joe Gill writes for Boston Sports Then and Now.

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