Dallas Fans: You Can Officially Start Worrying About the 2010 Cowboys

Dave AuerbachContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

LANDOVER - SEPTEMBER 12:  Rocky McIntosh #52 of the Washington Redskins tackles Jason Witten #82 of the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL season opener against the Dallas Cowboys at FedExField on September 12, 2010 in Landover, Maryland. The Redskins defeated the Cowboys 13-7. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

I ask you one question Dallas fans: Does this look like the team that you see being the first team to host a Super Bowl? 

I don't.

For every great effort that Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant put up, players like Alex Barron and Roy Williams would negate it.  Now I know it's not as fair to class Roy in the same sentence with Barron, but there were a couple key drops that the offense could have used.  

I will say he made the catch when it was supposed to count, but he shouldn't get a free pass for the other drops that the offense desperately could have used.  

For all the effort the defense put up, mistake after mistake would constantly keep a struggling Redskins offense in the game.

When McNabb doesn't score an offensive touchdown, completes less than 50 percent of his passes, and the only points the 'Skins offense can muster are from a pair of field goals and they still walk away with a win, there's a real issue.

Dallas's defense had the No. 2 scoring defense last year, and they seemed to hold even with that going into Week 1.  

The offense, well that's another story. You have to wonder, how much now falls on the players versus how much falls on the coaches?  

For instance, that absurd call to end the half, what exactly were they thinking? The Cowboys were not even halfway down the field. They had no downfield blocking. Instead of just taking a knee and going in 3-0 at the half, you virtually throw the game away on a senseless play.

Of course, I can't go far without mentioning Alex Barron.  I think this guy is the most hated man in Dallas right now.  I understand you had your hands full against Pro Bowl LB Brian Orakpo. After reading through an interview held with Orakpo the day after, he even admitted they basically planned on isolating him one-on-one against Barron.  

If you are having trouble, there needs to be some ownership on this.  Say you're having trouble, say you can't match this guy evenly. No one would fault you, simply for the fact that you are a backup.  

Now no one will know if Barron even spoke out about his struggles, but if the sleeper-choke holding calls weren't evidence enough, then Wade and Jason Garrett are both blind.  

So the question becomes, can they rebound back from this tough loss?  I believe they can, but they have one of the worst issues ever.  

When your worst enemy on the field is not the other team, how exactly do you put together a winning effort?  This stems from horrible discipline in practice.  Wade says he addressed this last season, but apparently it was a lost effort.  

Maybe Wade should start fining them again for constant flags. If they won't respond to your "cupcake" attitude, hit them where it really hurts: Their paycheck.

If your players don't respond to your coaching and discipline (or lack thereof), you need to change your technique, or it just might be your job title that gets changed.

Let's hear your opinions. Do you think Dallas can overcome this?