College Football Recruiting: Robert Bain Protects The Quarterback, Turns Heads

Mike PendletonCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2010

Only in special cases can a great high school player be referred to as a "quiet beast". If there was one case in which that label was able to be used, it would be on Bolingbrook High School's Robert Bain. 

Bain, a 6'3" 270-pound left tackle has great qualities as a person but even better as a player. Quiet off the field, preparing to be the best; Angry, tough, mean and physical, all are characteristics of Bain, on the field. 

When ask what drives a player who drives back the defense Bain said "to be the best player I can possibly be and achieve my ultimate goal which is to make it into the NFL. With all that said, I know the only way I can make my goal is not with my words but with my actions."

Outside of the game, there is a personal drive inside of Bain and that's his brother, Ryan Bain who is an NFL draftee hopeful. Bain quietly shows hard work and determination saying, "When I'm not on the field I'm either working on my game, hanging out with friends or talking to (Ryan) who leads me in the right direction. When it comes to professionals, I look up to Jets lineman, Nick Mangold who goes out there and plays his game, not taking no for an answer."

The word no won't be something Bain hears a lot as his recruiting process moves forward. Already hearing from the likes of Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern, Indiana and Cincinnati Bain is headed for stardom, not taking no for an answer.

His words off the field make him a truly respectable young man, his play on the field makes him a nightmare for defensive ends who try to get their own stats. There is no passing up Robert Bain whether your a fan, opponent or college coach.