Summer Suprise!

George ButcherCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

About two months ago, an injury occurred which changed the WWE completely. In his absence, the rosters changed, a new champion was crowned on Raw, and life seemed to have moved on. However, This SummerSlam something is gonna hit us with ........... RKO!

Whilst watching an interview on sky sports news with Orton, he seemed to spill the beans a little when he said "Im going to definitely be backstage at SummerSlam, and if i happen to come out and interfere then.........". Saying this immediately built hype for the event, and made fans interested in what is to come.

About ten months ago, Orton picked up a vacated WWE championship after putting John Cena on the shelf. Throughout the next seven months, Orton held his title high and proud, defeating every challenge put in front of him (Including a pin full over John Cena at WrestleMania 24). On April 24th at Backlash however, Orton lost his title to Triple H and the 'Age of Orton' was officially over. He then fought him at One Night Stand in a rematch and came up short again. Whilst competing in this bout, Orton was taken over the top rope and fell awkwardly, hurting his left shoulder. This meant Orton would be taken out of action for the following few months.

After thnking for a while, I came to the concluson that Orton will stop the Cena Vs Batista match, hitting Cena with a visious RKO. I feel that interupting this match is best fit because neither of Cena or Batista will be wanting a loss against the other as they are both huge superstars with the fans. After this saga has undertaken, Orton will be looking to beat Cena at Unforgiven, whilst Batista is taking on JBL for the World Heavyweight Title. Will the 'Age of Orton' begin..... Again?