OL Film Review: Iowa State

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 05:  Head coach Kirk Ferentz  (L) of the Iowa Hawkeyes looks on along with some of his assistant coaches against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the FedEx Orange Bowl at Land Shark Stadium on January 5, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Iowa won 24-14.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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A pretty improved performance from this unit this week. Iowa ran the ball effectively much of this game and it was largely due to this group over-matching the smaller ISU front 7.  The pass blocking was very impressive in this one as each of these guys looked very comfortable matching up in space with smaller and faster defenders. No major breakdowns in pass protection but I really didn't see much blitzing from ISU in this one.  Overall a big improvement from last week as this group paved the way for a huge rushing day and the only sack given up was more on Stanzi than the OL.

Vandervelde and Reiff both turned in very high level performances here. Their run blocking was just overpowering at times and you could see the surge and push they got on the left side pretty often. The only thing I noticed at all with these two is they both looked a little fatigued and played a bit higher than you'd like to see as the second half worn on.  Not really much a knock in the early season as they're just getting into game shape at this point. I would guess this is why this unit stayed on the field into the 4th quarter.

Ferentz probably improved the most from last week as he looked much more confident and aggressive against NT's this week.  He won a much higher percentage of his reach blocks this week and got out well to LB's. He also looked like he was more comfortable making the line calls for this unit this week as well. He'll need to keep improving week to week to keep his job as Koeppel will be on his heels if he slips up. Though it looks like it's Ferentz's job to lose at this point.

MacMillan also looked much better this week as I got a better look at his strengths this go around. He looks to be at his best when he's in space on pass protection against his man where he can use his height to control a defender. He seems to have trouble playing low enough on the inside to get consistent leverage. He still has quite a bit of work to do in terms of technique and consistency but he looks like he's probably more natural at Tackle.

Zusevics had a fairly quiet game at his tackle spot as he just physically outclassed his DE in the run game most of the time. He also chased down LB's fairly well again this week and he looks good in space. He had no trouble in pass protection again this week and he'll see his first legit pass rush threat next week as Arizona has two high quality DE's.  It will be an excellent test as both DE's have a combination of speed and power. He has showed good hand usage against power moves so far so he should be ready to take the next step.

I did not grade most of the 4th quarter(last two drives). I rarely grade the "garbage time" film as most of the time it's just an extended practice period. When there's nothing riding on those plays players tend to dial it down and it's not usually worth evaluating.


+1 Great job in space  1 on 1 with the defender in pas protection.  D1 Play 4
+1 Just dominates the LB here as he maintains contact as the back hits the seam and he puts his guy on the ground.  D1 Play 6
+1 Just a dominating run block here as he reaches down to the DT and just bullies him down-field. Maintained contact very well here. D2 Play 3
+1 Just flattens the DT as he blocks down to cover for the puller. D2 Play 12
-1 Poor cut block here and the cut back lane is taken away and the back losses a yard. Needs to show better technique than that. D8 Play 1
+1 Excellent 1 on 1 pass blocking here in space with the small and quick defender. Footwork to hold the edge is good here. D9 Play 1

Overall: +4

+1  Very nice job of working his hips around and controlling his man in the seam. D1 Play 6
+1 Great job controlling the LB and taking him out of the seam here. D1 Play 11
+1  Another solid seal block on the inside here as he shoves his man around at will. D2 Play 3
+1 Great job of getting out in front on the pull here as he kicks out a defender and opens up a huge lane. D2 Play 12
+1  Dominant run block here at the POA he gets across on the reach and pancakes him to finish it. Great block to spring the back for a TD. D7 Play 3

Overall: +5

+1 Great reach on the NT here as he helps opens a huge for Robinson. D1 Play 11
+1 Nice job on the double team here as MacMillan falls off a bit but Ferentz stays on the guy and shoves him into the LB’s and opens a hole. D2 Play 3
-1 Not a good job on the LB here as he gets out to find him quickly but can’t maintain contact he takes down Hampton in the hole. D4 Play 2
+1 Excellent job of getting to the LB here and sealing his man as the back gets up the seam. D5 Play 2
-1 Misses the MLB here and he makes the tackle for a short gain. D6 Play 1
+1 Nice run block here as he gets under his man and drives him out of the seam. D8 Play 3

Overall: +2

+1 Great job here in pass protection as he gets his hips down and anchors very well in space. He looks much more confident when he has room to move laterally. D1 Play 4
-1 Fell off his reach block very quickly and his man gets into the seam. D1 Play 6
-1 Misses the change up called by Ferentz on the play and lets his head up DT just walk right into the backfield and make the play on Robinson. D1 Play 7
-1 Just got torched by the DT here and Stanzi gets smoked by his man after making the throw. D1 Play 9
+1 Very nice job again in pass protection here as he just stones his DT in 1 on 1 in space here. D2 Play 6
+1 Great job handing the spin move from the DT here as he shuffles and mirrors easily. Looks very good in space again. D7 Play 2
-1 Does a good job of going out and finding the MLB but doesn’t seal him off and he stops the play for a short gain. D9 Play 2

Overall: -1

+1 Solid job here as takes on the bull rush well as he gets his arms extended and anchors well here. D1 Play 4
-1 Just loses his man on his reach block here and he makes the hit on Robinson for a loss. D1 Play 12
+1 Nice work on the reach block here as he really opens up a big hole underneath him. D2 Play 1
+1 Excellent job of opening up the seam to the outside here as he paves the way for Hampton here. D2 Play 10
+1 Good seal block here as he turns the DE in and opens the seam. D9 Play 2
-1 False Start D9 Play 3

Overall: +2