Looking For That Ultra Light Fly Reel

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Looking For That Ultra Light Fly Reel
  I have been on the look out for a smaller fly reel for my 3 Wt. I am trying to go as light as I can with my fly rods and reels. The older I get the less I like to fishall day with a weighted combo. I can get a much better feel for the fish I am pursuing with a light combo as opposed to heavier setup. I recently purchased a 4wt. to give me some balance between by 3 an 5wt. rods. I was using a G-Lomis reel on my 3 wt rod at the time when I purchase my 4wt. I never really got the balance I was looking for with the 3wt rod and G-Lommis reel. So this brings me back to the smaller and lighter reel to balance out the 3 wt. I have been looking on the net and came across some nice reels with some nice prices, but just can’t bring myself to spend the high dollars for such a reel. White River from BassPro has an ultra light reel with the following info.----

This is a fully machined, fully featured fly reel . Prototypes were extensively tested on Wyoming's Green River. In heavy current, with most of the fly line gone, and 6x tippet, they performed like a champ. Those fish measured in pounds, not inches. The all-steel, one-way bearing, polished steel drag stack, and the meticulous attention to detail in every step of manufacture make the Classic Fly Reel one of the finest reels you'll ever own at any price. The 2-1/2" ultralight model is perfect for short, small-stream rods and has a click-and-pawl drag. Check out this link at BassPro Ultralight Fly Reel for a view of the reel and additional specs. I am going to the BassPro shop in Leeds next week to hook it up with my 3wt for balance and feel. If anyone else has another reel in mind just give me a comment.

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